Fortnite 9.30 Patch Notes Update Confirmed: Revolver, Vaulted Weapons, 14 Days of Summer



Simple, reliable, powerful. Try out this new take on a classic.

14 Days of Summer
Celebrate a fortnight of summer fun with Fortnite. Find more details on which Limited Time Modes you can expect and more details



• Available in Epic and Legendary variants.

• Fires Medium Ammo.

• Holds 6 rounds.

• 63 / 66 damage per shot.

• Headshot multiplier of 2.

• Available from Floor loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Loot Carriers.


• Rare Tactical Assault Rifle

 – With the unvaulting of the Suppressed Submachine Gun, we wanted to make sure loot distribution in this class of item was well distributed.

• Impulse Grenades

• Rift-To-Go

• Pirate Cannon


• Uncommon and Rare Pump Shotgun

• Available in floor loot and Vending Machines

 – There’s been a lot of feedback around the Tactical Shotgun and Combat Shotgun effectiveness, and so we’re experimenting with a world where the Pump Shotgun joins the current shotgun lineup.

• Shockwave Grenade

Suppressed SMG

 – We feel the Suppressed Submachine Gun can fill a complementary role to the Burst Submachine Gun as a viable alternative.

• Common, Uncommon, and Rare Revolver

Tactical Shotgun

• Availability from floor loot reduced from 8.19% to 5.4%

• Headshot Multiplier increased from 2 to 2.25

Burst SMG

• Availability adjustments

• Availability from floor loot reduced from 5.03% to 3.1%

• Availability from chests reduced from 18.66% to 10.32%

Burst SMG Balance adjustments

• Base accuracy increased by 13.6%

• Jumping accuracy penalty reduced from 15% to 5%

• Sprinting accuracy penalty reduced from 30% to 20%

• Base damage increased from 23/24/25 to 24/25/26

 – The Burst SMG was dropping a bit too frequently for the role it was intended to fill. Additionally, it was underperforming when compared to similar items.

SemiAuto Sniper Rifle

• Availability from floor loot reduced from 0.65% to 0.44%

• Availability from chests reduced from 5.1% to 3.4%

• FlintKnock Pistol

• Availability from floor loot reduced from 1.97% to 1.32%

• Infantry Rifle

• Increased the Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifle clip size from 8 to 10

• Minigun

• Increased player damage from 18/19 to 20/21


• Reduced clip size from 50 to 40

• Reduced fire rate from 9 to 8

 – Since the unvaulting, the Drum Gun has outperformed in unintended areas. This adjustment should help create more counterplay in combat.

Heavy Assault Rifle

• Increased damage from 36/38/40 to 38/40/42

 – The Heavy Assault Rifle usage rates aren’t quite where we’d like. This adjustment to Damage is intended to offset some of the downsides of the weapon.


Supply Llama

• Increased the material count from 200 of each to 350 of each

• Increased the total number of Llamas per match from 3 to 5



Kevin Prefabs + Galleries
Featuring a cube so cool, it even has a name!


Added 4 New Prefabs:

  • Kevin Lake House Island
  • Kevin Destroyed Cube Island
  • Kevin Destroyed Dino Island
  • Kevin Destroyed House Island

Added 11 New Galleries:Kevin Cube Gallery

  • Kevin Cube Shards Prop Gallery
  • Kevin Island
  • Kevin Destroyed Island
  • Kevin Particle Gallery
  • Lake House Roof & Wall Gallery
  • Lake House Floor & Stair Gallery
  • Lake House Island Prop Gallery
  • Rock & Root Nature Gallery

Note: We’re aware of an issue where some of these assets will delete themselves if placed in certain ways with the Phone.



Teleporting Husks are a-door-able… but their elements? Not so much!

Astro Bat 9000
Swing batter, batter… Swing!


  • Complete a new quest every day to help Homebase host a hot summer party!
  • Complete all 14 days to unlock a new weapon!
  • Complete quest to earn Summer Tickets
  • Check the X-ray store daily for free llamas!
  • The fun begins on June 25, 9 AM Eastern Time
  • Strange doors are appearing near the enemy spawners. When husks get near one of these doors they are teleported to one of the exit doors closer to your fort.
  • Some husks that travel through these doors gain elemental effects.
  • A new Wargames simulation means more chances for Event Tickets, a new banner, and more variety to the Daily Wargames Challenges.


  • Astro Bat 9000 swings into the Weekly StoreA quick striking bat with high damage and low impact.
  • Energy Slam: Heavy attack that launches an explosive energy ball at enemies, dealing damage in an area.
  • Available from June 26 at 8 PM Eastern Time until July 3 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • Fortnite
  • Fortnite Season 9

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