Fortnite Could Be Getting Lightsabers Back For Star Wars Day

Fortnite has welcomed some pretty big characters and items from movies, TV shows, and even other games during its run. Earlier today a Moon Knight pack was added to the in-game store which includes two different skins based on the hero's MCU design as well as an accompanying back bling and pickaxe. Epic also has an ongoing relationship with Star Wars, and there are rumors a divisive item from the iconic series of movies will be making a return very soon.

According to FortniteBR on Twitter, Epic will be reintroducing lightsabers to the game to celebrate Star Wars Day. In case you didn't know, May 4 has been coined as Star Wars Day and is almost upon us yet again. There will be plenty done across various media to mark the occasion, and if you play Fortnite, the ability to wield a virtual lightsaber may well be one of the ways in which you will be able to celebrate.

Lightsabers were first added to Fortnite to coincide with the launch of The Rise Of Skywalker. The weapons were loved by a lot of players, even resulting in people silently agreeing to drop all of their weapons and duel with lightsabers alone, right in the middle of a frantic battle royale. Others weren't too fond of the weapons, labeling them overpowered as they could be used pretty efficiently to block oncoming gunfire.

Despite their divisive nature, Epic re-added lightsabers to the game in May of 2020 to celebrate Star Wars Day two years ago. However, after that short run, they have been absent ever since. When they did return to the game, they were unchanged which suggests that will be the case should they be back again in a couple of weeks. Players have hypothesized that should lightsabers return, they won't be available in competitive play, which would make sense.

A number of Star Wars characters have been added to Fortnite as skins ever since that intial team-up. Most recently The Mandalorian was included as a Battle Pass reward, confirming the relationship between Star Wars and Fortnite was still active. Should lightsabers return next month, they will likely be available in the same four colors as they were when added and then re-added to the game two years ago.

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