Fortnite Glitch Lets You Take A Pickaxe To Vehicle Drivers

A game that constantly changes like Fortnite will always have issues. Chapter four feels like it has been filled with more than usual though, and now a fresh one has reared its head. The discovery that if a player swings their pickaxe at just the right time, they'll glitch inside the vehicle and still have the ability to use their axe.

As reported by Twinfinite after footage of the exploit was shared on Reddit, the bug spells bad news for anyone who traverses Fortnite by car. The clip shows a player swinging an axe at a passing truck only to then glitch inside it. There, they are able to continue swinging the axe, allowing them to damage the driver.

That's unless the driver hops out once they realize what's happening, of course. Players are unable to use weapons on anyone else in the car while driving since it's assumed anyone in there is a friend or a teammate. It's also unlikely the driver will realize damage is being done since they may well not be aware of the glitch and assume they cannot be hurt by the swing of an axe while in a vehicle.

Once they do realize something's not right, they'll likely hop out of the vehicle, at which point they'll be exposed to the elements and enemies they were sheltering from by commandeering a vehicle in the first place. All in all, not a great scenario, and according to at least one player who has replied to the clip above, this isn't a new problem. They claim to have experienced it for the first time more than a month ago.

It's unclear exactly how common the bug above is. The player in the clip doesn't seem to be bound by a particularly narrow window to exploit the glitch, so if it does work for everyone and word begins to spread, it may well be something Epic needs to address. Fortnite's latest update went live today, unvaulting the P90 after an almost three-year absence and adding hints at a new Captain America skin in its files.

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