Fortnite: How To Play Through The Live Event Solo Mission

Season 6 is live and here is how to play through the solo event mission.

Epic Games has really stepped up the game with their most immersive Fortnite event to date.

If you don’t want to go in blind into the solo event, our guide will let you know exactly what to do throughout the event mission. This way you can be sure of what to do so when you play through the mission yourself there will be no uncertainties and hiccups. SPOILERS AHEAD

Once you boot up the game after you’ve downloaded the update, as soon as you select the Battle Royale you’ll be met with a cinematic cutscene. In the cutscene Agent Jones will start interacting and speaking with you and your character will show up on screen.

Now you, The Foundation and Agent Jones have to “save reality.” Reality starts to break down, Jones is turned into a butterfly because of a reality wave and you’re the one that needs to close all of the portals now.

There are five portals in total, Jones has already managed to close the first one before being hit with the reality wave. Now the rest of the portals are up to you.

There are four other portals you need to close. The first one will be right in front of you. You can close it using the drift gun in your hand by doing as follows:

  • Aim at the top of the portal
  • Press down the fire button
  • Drag the rift gun down to close the portal

Like Agent Jones will tell you, you can close the portals “just like a zipper.”

Jones will teleport close to the next portal. There will a battle going on but thankfully a reality wave hits and shifts reality.

You’re now going to have to close another portal. Close it and wait for Jones to teleport you again.

There are now wolves on the island. Alternative realities will start breaking through.

The next reality wave will turn you into Lara Craft.  Close the portal in front of you, this is the forth portal.

You will teleported again and now there will be a helicopter shooting you. You will take damage but don’t worry as your character cannot be killed during the event. Close this last portal and the reality wave will turn you back to your character.

You are going to be teleported once more. Closer to the Zero Point.

As you run, there will be crystals falling from the sky. Avoid them and soon you will start flying up top.

Fly up until you reach you’ve reached the stairwell. Run up the stairwell until you’ve reached the Zero Point and The Foundation.

There you will start floating, watch the rest of the cutscene as you float behind Agent Jones.

Most importantly, enjoy the cutscenes and the mission and listen to the music it makes it much more immersive. The event has certainly gotten people talking, Epic really knocked it out of the park.

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