Fortnite Leaker Claims Dead Space Crossover Is Coming Within The Next Two Weeks

A pretty hefty Fortnite update rolled out today, bringing a number of changes along with it. However, the wait for the rumored Dead Space crossover will be a little bit longer it seems as there's still no sign of it. Leakers have assured Fortnite players it's still coming though, and that it will be here in the next two weeks.

That's according to Zatheo (via Hypex) who tweeted details about what to expect from the crossover, revealing the collaboration will bring a pack along with it. Apparently that pack will include a skin, two backpacks, a new emote, and a pickaxe. It will also unlock quests that can earn players up to 1,500 V-Bucks if they're able to complete them all.

The biggest takeaway here though, of course, is the timeline. While many were expecting some sort of solid news about the Dead Space crossover to be revealed as a part of today's update, there's still nothing official. Zatheo assures Dead Space fans the crossover will be here within the next two weeks, though. A timeline that makes a lot of sense since the highly anticipated remake will launch across multiple platforms just nine days from now on January 27.

It seems likely Epic Games will officially announce Fortnite's Dead Space collab in the coming days, and that the crossover will go live to coincide with the remake's launch. That has been the case in the past with items, challenges, and crossover tournaments getting added to Fortnite in the days building to the launch of a new game, movie, or TV show.

Epic will be hopeful the Dead Space pack reportedly coming soon will please a lot of Fortnite's players after what has been a somewhat troubled start to chapter four. The Shockwave Hammer continues to divide players, even after it was briefly removed from the game, and hurdling still hasn't returned to the island after the mechanic was unintentionally throwing players up into the sky.

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