Fortnite Leaker Reveals When The Snow Will Start Melting

Fortnite leakers have uncovered what Season 3's map will look like when the snow melts and that it'll start melting on January 7.

Anyone who has dived into Fortnite Season 3 will know that most of the map is currently covered in snow and Christmas decorations, similarly to other chapters of the game that brought in things like snowboards. Although we don't have any snow traversal vehicles in this Chapter, we do have a map that is more than 50 percent covered in snow.

As we've previously reported, that isn't set to be the case forever, and leakers have discovered that the snow will start melting on January 7. Reliable Fortnite insider HYPEX reported the news on Twitter, showcasing the nine stages of snow melting. It looks like the different maps have been datamined from the latest update to the game, revealing how the snow will melt.

HYPEX said, "Looks like the snow will start melting on January 7th at 9AM UTC, and Tilted Towers will appear on stage 6. And it looks like ALL the snow will melt unfortunately, unless if Epic changes this next update".

As mentioned by HYPEX, Tilted Towers looks like it's set to appear in the sixth stage of melting snow, which should be by this Season's eighth week at the latest, as a previously leaked challenge requires you to get kills at Tilted by the eighth week. Strangely, it looks to be covered in some sort of rock structure in this map.

Although this leak shows the snow to be completely gone by the ninth stage, some leakers have found evidence that the snow won't actually completely disappear. HYPEX later posted a quote that seems to be advertising the Season's map, and it says, "After most of the snow has thawed, cross the Grasslands and discover a previously snowed-in secret".

This is clearly describing Tilted Towers and its appearance by the eighth week, but the mention of "most of the snow" has some players hoping that some of the snow will remain later in the season.

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