Fortnite PC Finally Adds Diagonal Movement

Picture this. You are playing Fortnite and can no longer turn into a liquid metal goo, as you do. You get cornered and the only way out is a diagonal path between you and your would-be-murderers. Unfortunately, if you play on PC, moving diagonally is not an option and certain doom awaits you. Luckily, word on the street is Epic Games is working on a fix to that.

Twitter user @HYPEX, known for revealing Fortnite news and leaks, tweeted out news of the diagonal movement feature coming to Fortnite. According to them, the diagonal movement feature is “coming next update to PC as an option”. Though it sounds like the feature can be turned on or off depending on preference.

As with everything that goes on in our lives, the Internet certainly has an opinion on this. The comments under the tweet show a divided community on this added feature. Several players are overjoyed to finally have such a simple feature added into the game, while others feel it is unnecessary as some workarounds to this have already been discovered.

Then you have those that are just annoyed that players will have another way to outmaneuver them on the battlefield. Put me in this category because I really don’t need more things to worry about as I try (and fail) to make it through a round of the battle royale alive. Although, that diagonal movement may work to my advantage as it does give me more directions to run while evading snipers and the like.

Love it or hate it, it looks like players will soon be darting all over the map in all directions.While you may feel it is not a necessary feature, just remember that your enemies can now throw explosive goo all over you. Yes, I said explosive goo!

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