Fortnite Player Wins Battle Royale Only Using Items Found From Fishing

A Fortnite player managed to get a battle royale with nothing but the items they earned from fishing.

Fortnite has a ton of different mechanics, ranging from swinging, sliding, driving vehicles, taking on bounties, and even just exploring the environment for quests. One long-standing mechanic that many players tend to forget about is fishing, which was introduced all the way back in Chapter 2, Season 1.

If players find a fishing rod, they can cast it into bodies of water and pull up items and unique fish with different effects. Considering how fast-paced Fortnite can be and how old the mechanic is, most players might not even realise that fishing can yield rare weapons and loot. Redditor ZealousMusicNZ proved as much by winning a battle royale match just with the items they'd found through fishing.

ZealousMusicNZ posted their unique victory on the Fortnite subreddit, saying, "People probably won't care, but I won a solo game using only items I got from fishing, a play style I call Fish Are Friends". The attached clip shows the victory and also proves some of the rare items you can get from fishing, including a purple Stinger SMG and a Spicy Fish. Not only that, but ZealousMusicNZ finishes the win with the "Fishing It" emote. Clever.

It's impressive enough that ZealousMusicNZ manage to get the win, but it didn't even seem too challenging thanks to the full inventory of fished-up items. Considering most players tend to run straight for Tilted Towers and look for chests, it's a reminder that there's more than one way to get great loot in Fortnite.

The replies underneath the fishy victory post commend ZealousMusicNZ for managing to win in such a strange way, although a few Redditors say that they've managed to do the same. In response to the challenge, ZealousMusicNZ said, "Yeah you get guns from fishing more frequently than you might think, so it's tricky but fairly viable. I would recommend it to anyone who just wants to sit back and enjoy sweet fishy solitude!"

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