Fortnite Players Are Saying The New Hurdle Mechanic Is Too Sensitive

Fortnite Chapter 4 has been a big launch for the title. The free-to-play battle royale is a major part of Epic's long-term plans while the latest chapter saw more major additions than usual. This included a big graphical boost, for those with the right hardware, as Fortnite makes more use of Unreal Engine 5.1 (which is also made by Epic Games). But in terms of gameplay there were other additions.

This includes dirt bikes, a randomised perk system called "Reality Augments", and a new hurdle mechanic/animation that allows players to hurdle over small obstacles. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing difficulties with the latter introduction as they say the new hurdling mechanic is just a bit too sensitive.

Epic showed off the new hurdling mechanic in the Chapter 4 trailer, which depicted characters hurdling over objects. Players simply sprint towards the obstacle and the character will instantly hurdle over them instead of needing to jump. But players think the new mechanic can be overzealous.

As can be seen in the clip above the Fortnite player is racing up some stairs and approaches the stair balcony. Unluckily for them this triggers the hurdle mechanic and the character hurdles over the stairs and falls a fair height plunging to their death. Sorry for them but their battle royale game is over. It's an unfortunate end to their session and clearly unintended but the clip has provoked similar stories and experiences of the new mechanic working against players.

"The hurdle mechanic is definitely way too sensitive," duckofmagic comments in the above thread. "I've been hurdling without meaning to, and even accidentally hurdled into a box while trying to take wall catty-corner (and my opponent took full advantage oof)".

Another commentor adds: "I hate this hurdle mechanic, climbing over things when pressing a button for it was fine, no need to make it automatic".

But not everyone believes it is the hurdle mechanic that is at fault, with one saying it could be a skill issue. Watching the clip it does seem that players may have to be careful not to race up stairs at high places and get too close to the wall. Battle Royale games tend to see players race around as moving too slowly can make an easier target so perhaps Epic will have to fine tune the hurdle mechanic to help players avoid the fate met by the above. In the meantime, approach such walls carefully, Fortnite players!

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