Fortnite Season 7 Teaser Hints At Alien Weapons And Weapon Charms

The latest teasers for Fortnite Season 7 reinforce the alien theme, and seem to be teasing a new set of alien weapons and weapon charms.

Fortnite’s official Twitter account Tweeted out a short video showing three items floating in an anti-gravity beam, including a carton of milk, a toy of fishstick, and an unknown claw-shaped weapon.

Interestingly, each different social media platform was given a different bit of text to describe one of the items, with Twitter getting a pretty standard Tweet about the milk carton, Instagram getting one about the Fishstick doll and Facebook getting the most intriguing one about the new weapon.

The Facebook post says, “Island surveillance shows inhabitants abide by standard laws of gravitational force. Suggesting field tech deployed to counteract this. What goes up…”. Considering this post is clearly focused on the third item in the beam, it confirms that it’s a new weapon, and likely means that more alien tech will be coming in the new season.

From the repeated mentions of gravity, it sounds like the new weapon will act as a gravity gun of sorts. The “what goes up” part seems to imply you can pick up and throw opponents with it. New weapons are a key part of any season, and they’re usually tied to the theming of the season, such as the primal versions of weapons in the current season. Leaks have hinted that the primal weapons will be leaving with the arrival of the new season, so Fortnite will need to replace those ones with something new.

Theories have also been going wild on what the inclusion of the other two objects might mean. Some fans think the fishstick toy is a hint at weapon charms being introduced to the game, whilst the milk carton is a little more mysterious and open-ended. One theory is that it’s a new consumable of some kind thanks to the “bone modification” part of the text, whilst another points out that Agent Jones appears on the side of the carton with the word “missing” above him.

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