Fortnite Sliding Bug Lets Players Glitch Across The Map At High Speed

Fortnite's fourth chapter has been ongoing for a while now, but it continues to have quite a few issues. Two weeks ago it was the Shockwave Hammer, last week it was hurdling, and this week, if the video below is anything to go by, sliding will be the mechanic Epic Games needs to find a fix for next.

Shared by FNBRintel, and seemingly discovered by GlitchKing15, a player is shown speeding across the ground without exerting very much effort at all. Not only are they not sprinting, but they're moving a lot faster than they would be if that's all they were doing. The ability to move that fast seems to have been brought about by a problem with sliding.

A relatively new mechanic in itself, only introduced during chapter three, sliding allows players to drop to their bottom or knees as they go down slopes, gaining momentum and still using their weapons as they go. However, it appears that a glitch activated when a player quickly goes between sliding and stopping results in the bug below.

At the time of typing this, unlike a few other things recently, sliding has not been disabled. However, it's also unclear how widespread this problem is. Whether it's an issue that happened once and the player above was lucky enough to capture the footage, or if anyone can replicate the effect in-game right now. If it's the latter, then fully expect sliding to be removed from the game while it's fixed, possibly by the time you read this.

If the sliding glitch is a widespread issue then it may well join hurdling on the list of ways Fortnite players currently can't get around the island. Hurdling was brought back and then quickly removed when it became evident a bug was causing players to be thrown high into the air and lose health or get eliminated when they came crashing back down to earth.

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