Fortnite Trailer Reveals New Falcon Scouts That Can Pick Up Downed Teammates

Fortnite remains top of the BR pile because Epic Games continually makes additions and changes to the game. One of the additions made via today's update may well be the biggest game-changer Fortnite has seen for a while. The Falcon Scout which players can use to mark enemies and pick up downed teammates.

The item is effectively a fancy drone, and its primary use is the same as a regular drone. Players can send the Scout high into the sky to survey what is going on below. While controlling the Falcon Scout remotely, players can mark enemies for their teammates to hunt down and eliminate, or for themselves as enemies will remain marked when the Scout is called back.

That isn't the most exciting thing you can do with the new item, though. As touched on above, the Falcon Scout has a beam it can use to pick up downed teammates so they can be brought back to your position and revived. You can even pick up a downed enemy, taking them away from the protection of their team to finish them off. You can do that by bringing them to wherever you are or simply by dropping them from a great height, depending on how malicious you're feeling.

Speaking of bringing enemies back to your location, using the Falcon Scout does pose a pretty big risk. You will be unable to control your player while controlling Fortnite's new drone, leaving you wide open to be attacked and eliminated if you're found. Make sure you're well hidden while using it to avoid that happening.

While the Falcon Scout can be used as many times as you like, it does have a limited amount of health. Just 100 HP, so if an enemy spots the drone and starts to fire at it, it'll be in your best interests to call it back. Since the Scout is a brand new item, there may be some issues to iron out early on. Hopefully it won't divide players as much as the Shockwave Hammer has, and if there are issues, fingers crossed they're not as severe as the problems with hurdling right now.

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