Fortnite Update v14.10 Adds Iron Man And Thor Powers

Fortnite’s v14.10 update goes live today and is bringing more Marvel than ever before to the island, including a massive new POI.

When Epic promised that season four of Fortnite would be Marvel-themed, it really wasn’t kidding. Fortnite playing Marvel fans have been given way more than Deadpool hiding out in a bathroom this time around. Black Panther and Ant-Man locations, Iron Man and Thor have entered the fray, and Wolverine challenges to complete throughout the season.

All of that, and it still appears to be just the tip of Fortnite’s massive Marvel iceberg. In fact, it would appear that today’s v14.10 update is set to bring more Marvel stuff to Fortnite than ever before. Most notably, a Stark Industries POI. Frenzy Farms fans look away now because the new-look map, which can be seen below, will not be a very appealing one.

As you can see, Stark Industries takes up a huge part of the map, spanning multiple quadrants. It also explains why the file size for this update is so large as that is a significant change to the map. It’s also not the only element brought about by the latest update. New powers for Iron Man and Thor are also incoming. Molojnir Strike for the demi-god, and Repulsor Gauntlets for Iron Man’s suit.

Season 4 is all about the battle to defeat Galactus, of course, and the v14.10 update also brings with it the supervillain’s drones. Some have speculated that’s what the red and yellow dots at Stark Industries are, but until the update goes live and we can jump in ourselves, we can’t know that for sure. Another superhero-themed LTM will go live too. The Mint-Condition LTM which will allow players to mix and match various Marvel superpowers.

But wait, there’s more. The item shop will now allow players to customize their very own hero, and a data mine of the update has revealed an absolute boatload of new cosmetics coming to the shop in the coming days and weeks. Our pick of the bunch? The Iron Man “Hovers” emote. Epic is letting us look like Deadpool while hovering like Iron Man. What more could you ask for?

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