Fortnite’s First Chapter 3 Season 4 Teaser Has Leaked

The first teaser for Chapter 3, Season 4 of Fortnite has leaked, along with some gameplay details.

We're just a few weeks away from the launch of the next season of Fortnite, which means that leaks are starting to pop up that give us a bit of a hint as to what might be added next. This first leak, which was briefly posted on Nintendo's eShop version of Fortnite, shows what looks to be a member of The Seven sticking their hand up in some kind of inky substance.

Fortnite fans are speculating that the member of The Seven that is swimming in ink is actually The Paradigm, who is rumoured to be a central character in this season. The hand shown in the image matches a recent remixed skin for The Paradigm, so it seems likely that it's her. Recent rumours have also suggested that The Paradigm is going to be voiced by Brie Larson, due to Donald Mustard recently following her on Twitter, which would lend credence to her being the main character featured on the season's splash screen.

The inky substance that is shown in the leaked image will also apparently feature in the new season. Fortnite insider FNBRWatch reports that it'll reintroduce the sand-tunnelling mechanic from Chapter 2, but with characters moving through the ink instead of sand. They also report that the season won't be themed about DC, Marvel, or Star Wars like previously rumoured, and will instead be original to Fortnite and have a "spooky" beginning, followed by a Fortnitemares event taking place after the launch of the season, likely closer to October.

Several leakers also confirmed the other day that Spider-Gwen will be a part of this season's battle pass, even though the season isn't themed around anything to do with Marvel. This will also reportedly open the way for Miles Morales to be added to the game through the item shop, presumably within the same season.

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