Fortnite’s My Hero Academia Crossover Includes Deku, Bakugo, Uraraka, And All Might Skins

Fortnite Chapter 4's launch trailer confirmed and teased a number of crossovers coming during the current season. The appearance of Izuku Midoriya in the trailer confirmed a My Hero Academia crossover was incoming. Now the collab has gone live, the characters joining the game, as well as what they will be bringing with them, have been confirmed and are available now.

The already-revealed Midoriya skin, better known to My Hero Academia fans as Deku, leads the way, and he brings three other characters from the anime along with him. Deku, Katsuki Bakugo, Ochaco Uraraka, and All Might skins have all been added to Fortnite and are available via the in-game store right now. No unlocking them through the battle pass like Doom Slayer, unfortunately.

All four characters bring their own cosmetic items to Fortnite, including pickaxes and back bling. Not everything from My Hero Academia will cost you V-Bucks, though. There are new challenges connected to the anime that can be attempted with emotes and a cape waiting for those who complete them. There's also the Hero Gym players can visit and mess around in via Fortnite Creative.

The arrival of My Hero Academia in Fortnite marks the game's second official crossover with an anime. Earlier this year, characters and elements from Dragon Ball Z arrived in The Loop, resulting in one of the most popular team-ups Fortnite has ever done. The tweet confirming the Dragon Ball crossover was officially happening received more likes than anything else Fortnite has ever posted in just 13 hours.

This week has been a big one for Fortnite crossovers as players have been hard at work practicing for MrBeast's in-game challenge which goes down this weekend. Also revealed during Chapter 4's launch trailer, MrBeast skins were added to the game this week. On top of that, the streamer is hosting a challenge on his very own Creative Island on Saturday, the winner of which will receive $1 million.

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