Fortnite’s New Original Tier 100 Skin Draws Praise After Seasons Of Disappointment

Fortnite Chapter 4 has launched and a few days in, which new elements of the game players love and loathe is starting to become clear. Many have already flicked through this season's battle pass to see how much they need to grind to unlock everything, and having a unique skin not tied to a crossover at tier 100 appears to be a popular decision.

It has been commonplace to make a skin brought about by a collaboration the final reward on a Fortnite battle pass. Carnage has occupied that spot in the past, as has Darth Vader. When it was revealed Doom Slayer would be a battle pass exclusive this season, most expected it to be the tier 100 skin.

Instead, Doom Slayer unlocks at level 26, requiring a lot less grinding than usual to get the new season's free collab skin. If you haven't seen the unique skin waiting for players at tier 100, you can check out The Ageless below. A pretty cool name too, although it sounds infinitely cooler in Spanish.

The Ageless in complete helmet and armor looks great, and that has not been lost on a number of Fortnite players who are hopeful unique tier 100 skins will be the norm moving forward. It's been a while since Fortnite didn't have a crossover character at tier 100, resulting in players discussing some of their old favorites when unique skins for completing the battle pass were commonplace. Ragnarok, the tier 100 reward all the way back in season five, appears to be a firm favorite.

If you come to Fortnite for its crossovers, there's still plenty to be excited about to kick off chapter four. Doom Slayer at level 26, as touched on above, as well as some alternate looks for the iconic character if you level up further. The Witcher's Geralt will also be added to the game later this season, and some players are convinced they can see Metal Gear's Gray Fox in the new chapter's launch trailer.

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