Fortnite’s Newest Naruto Crossover Kicks Off Next Week

Fortnite might have started life as a battle royale game, but it has become so much more. It is effectively a video game x social media platform hybrid at this point. A platform on which you can assume the form of a character from just about every major series and franchise on the planet. Last year, characters from Naruto's universe found their way into The Loop, and now Epic has confirmed Fortnite's Naruto cast will be expanding.

Details on the next Fortnite x Naruto crossover are limited right now. So far all we know for sure is that it will be called Rivals, and whatever the two parties have planned will begin on June 23, so a week today. Rivals suggests some of Naruto's enemies will be making their way into the game, and an advert in a Japanese magazine that has been doing the rounds on Twitter may have spoiled who some of those characters are going to be.

According to Shiina on Twitter, this is the same thing that happened ahead of Fortnite's first Naruto crossover. The four characters in the ad, which you can check out below, are Orochimaru, Hinata, Itachi, and Gaara. Naruto was joined in Fortnite by Sasuke and Sakura at the end of 2021, as well as a Kakashi NPC.

Outside of the regular Fortnite leaks, Naruto's initial arrival ahead of the first crossover was officially revealed via a pretty cool trailer. One in which Naruto battled against some of Fortnite's foes at the time. The tease by Epic hints the four new characters potentially joining the game won't be getting the same treatment. You never know though, and when whatever Rivals is launches a week from now, perhaps there'll be another cool trailer to usher it in.

After the explosiveness that was the beginning of Chapter 3, Season 3 two weeks ago, things have been a little quiet on the Fortnite front. A big difference when compared to the previous season during which we were all talking about the removal of the game's building mechanic. Not that the Fortnite landscape is ever really that quiet. Since the start of season three, the game has got its very own Spider-Man suit, one that is currently only available by picking up a copy of the Fortnite x Marvel crossover comic book.

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