From Aria To Wrex, Mass Effect Fans Share Their Dream Romances

Mass Effect has no shortage of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, as Shepard has a whole galaxy of romances to choose from before the Reapers invade. Or even while the Reapers invade, to be honest. Nothing gets in Shepard's way.

But despite this, it's never enough. Sure, we can hook up with Liara, but what if you fancy Aria? What good is a Garrus romance when your heart really belongs to Joker? Hell why not Wrex, if you're feeling particularly brave? With so many characters to choose from, Mass Effect fans are sharing which unromancable character their Shep (not so) secretly pines for.

This discussion was kicked off by Reddit user Lol2421, asking the Mass Effect subreddit which romance options they would have added if they had the chance. Unsurprisingly, many are going for Aria, the pirate queen of Omega.

"Good God, talk about a power couple," says Llamasforall. "Renegade Shepard and Aria would be (more) unstoppable." I mean, we saw what they could accomplish in one DLC together, so they could probably take down any threat the galaxy throws their way as the universe's ultimate power couple.

Aria isn't the only asari that players want to hook up with, however. Some suggest that Shiala – the asari we meet in the first game while she's trapped by the Thorian – should have been an option from Mass Effect 2 onwards. "That smouldering look she gives you after the cipher, phwoar," says N7twitch, a sentiment many of us surely share.

On the other hand, some of the suggestions in the thread are a little out of left field. For starters, there is a surprising amount of Dr. Chakwas enthusiasts. "She kind of strikes me that her romance would have similarities to Kaidan's," says one of her fans, RS_Serperior. "They're both really level-headed people, and she'd probably be the best love interest for giving advice, too, since she's a little older."

Then on the other end of the spectrum entirely, we have the Wrex stans. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it's not entirely about his personality too. At least if the comments about the number of balls krogans have if anything to go by (four, in case you were wondering).

Overall, it seems that many of us have a thing for the bad boys and girls of the series. Kal'Reegar is another contender, which would make him the only romanceable male quarian. And unsurprisingly there's a lot of love for everyone's favourite kleptomaniac, Kasumi. We were robbed of that romance, to be fair. Oh well, at least we have mods.

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