Future Sonic Games Will Be "Meaningfully Connected" To Films And Comics

This week, a job opening at Sega went viral. The position of associate manager of lore immediately caught everyone's attention, as Sega is looking for someone to keep track of the absolute mess that is the Sonic series. Heck, last week I was tasked with explaining how the Classic Sonic/Modern Sonic timeline works, and I ended up confusing myself even more. But thankfully, it looks like Sega and Sonic Team are looking to make things a bit more understandable.

Now, it's also been confirmed that Sega is putting together a whole team to coordinate the Sonic series lore – even bringing in elements from the films and the comic books. This is a huge change in direction for the series, as previously, all spinoffs were self-contained and introduced many contradicting elements to the Blue Blur's story. But with this new job opening, Sega will be working towards making the "entire universe of Sonic tie together canonically", clearing up some of the confusion.

This further explanation of the job role comes from Katie Chrzanowski, the social media manager for the Sonic brand. She's also part of the team that will be coordinating the herculean effort of pulling the Sonic lore together, alongside comic writer Ian Flynn, illustrator Evan Stanley, and the co-producer for the second Sonic movie, Tyson Hesse.

"In the past few years, we've been looking at the entire universe of Sonic and how things tie together canonically for the future," says Chrzanowski, explaining why Sega is looking for an associate manager of lore. "Sega put together a small team of us internally […] and we're working on making the universe and stories more meaningfully connected."

She continues, explaining that recent Sonic products are already reflecting this change in approach. "You may have seen examples of some of these changes in things like TailsTube, the Origins animations, the Knuckles Frontiers prologue (and the prologue comic!), and even Frontiers itself!"

Indeed, Frontiers goes out of its way to connect itself to the rest of the series whenever it can. To the delight of many, a throwaway line from Sonic made the IDW comic book series canon in the gaming world, mentioning the character Tangle. Now, with a dedicated team being formed to make connections like this, we can expect to see a whole lot more in future Sonic games.

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