Gamedec: 5 Best Skills To Get Early

As you're playing through Gamedec, you'll be jumping into the skill screen frequently. Referred to as "Professions", skills expand your knowledge and grant you different abilities. While you may be a detective first, you never know what case you're going to get.

You'll need to travel between the physical and virtual worlds in order to investigate, so it'll be wise to have a diverse skill set in order to cover as many bases as possible. The skills cover both technology-based problems, social interaction, health issues, and more. The more of them you unlock, the more you'll get access to, but there are some you should get as soon as possible.


Gamedec has a lot of RPG elements that are related to some core stats. Of these stats, charisma is frequently considered a dump stat but can prove to be quite useful in the right situations. With enough charm, you can avoid unnecessary fights and gain information that would normally require much more finesse.

The closest you can get in this game is by taking the Infotainer Profession. This makes you the life of the party and allows you to spin words in a very creative way. This can be used to earn trust, endear yourself to characters, and raise your own reputation for the purposes of negotiation.


The game's universe is highly technological with a huge emphasis on virtual reality. As a result, machines are everywhere and have been assigned to multiple duties. You won't be able to take two steps before running into some sort of device.

As a Gamedec, you'll need to deal with technology throughout your investigations, so it's good to have some background in it. This is why it's good to pick up the Glazier Profession. This gives you general experience in machines and the virtual world which can be very handy for maintenance and understanding systems.


Being a detective comes with a lot of duties, but health isn't typically high on the list. Most of the time, you're expected to act before any injuries or worse take place. Still, it doesn't hurt to have some skills when it comes to treating ailments that witnesses and clients may receive at some point during the case.

That's why it's good to have the Scalpel Profession in your pool. This gives you a nice range of medical experience that allows you to diagnose people based on symptoms and even perform surgeries to treat serious injuries.


Even though you'll be exploring a lot of high-end areas as a Gamedec, you can't trust everyone. People are still doing everything they can to get ahead in life, whether it be in reality or the virtual realm. As such, sometimes you need to rely on your survival instincts so that you can stay in the fight.

There are various types of worlds out there, some more dangerous than others, so you'll have to rely on toughness when faced with threatening entities. That's why you'll need the Sleeves Profession to fight back. It allows you to strike first, catch characters off guard, and show that you're not messing around to counter intimidation.


When it comes to games, devs do everything they can to discourage exploitation and cheating. Unfortunately, there are dedicated hackers out there who are willing to spend hundreds of hours looking for the weakest points in the programming.

As a Gamedec, hackers are a prominent threat who are able to manipulate virtual worlds to make things harder for you and keep their secrets hidden. So, it makes sense to take the Cheater Profession. This will give you your own set of skills, so you can break into the game's code to make things easier for yourself and harder for the culprits.

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