Gamers Share Games They Still Suck At After Hundreds Of Hours Playing

Video games are great. We all love them, and when you find one that you can pour hundreds of hours into without getting bored it feels like Christmas. There's a natural assumption that we get better at the things we do a lot, but that's not always the case, as these gamers who've spent hundreds, even thousands of hours in a specific game found out.

Sharing their stories on a ResetEra post, players were asked if there was "any game that you have hundreds or thousands of hours sunk into, where you still wouldn’t consider yourself 'good' in?"

OneTrickJeffrey wrote, "I played thousands of games of League of Legends before quitting and I never learned how to jungle lmao". Shame that one trick wasn't learning how to jungle.

PlanetSmasher picked a very name-appropriate game, Smash Bros. "Smash Bros. I'm very good at the game if I'm playing against other middle-of-the-road players, but put me up against a pro player and I'm fucked." We've all been there. We can wreck our friends or housemates, but go to a local tournament and we get our arses handed to us.

Jawmuncher picked a game I'm sure we've all dabbled in, Fortnite. "Fortnite easily. Too lazy to learn how to build and become a true sweat." It's hard to learn how to play a shooter when zoomers are gentrifying the map all around you and sniping you from luxury highrises they've built.

One person said Path of Exile, and after seeing how ridiculously huge that skill tree is, I can see why. You'd need an Excel spreadsheet to properly plan out a character, and who has time for that?

Then there are games where choice is the main selling point, and even with hundreds of hours, yours just don't compare to the pros. PunkyLiar wrote, "The Hitman World of Assassination trilogy. I have hundreds of hours between these three games and felt like I knew the maps fairly well. Then I watched the recent $1000 Miami speedrun challenge. While I knew I was nowhere near the skill level of the pros, there were a lot of tactics they used that I didn't even know existed."

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