Games Inbox: Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 improvements

The Monday letters page is glad Hideo Kojima can make such expensive looking games, as one reader is excited for the Suikoden remasters.

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Free shot
There’s been a lot of talk lately about all the various free-to-play shooters, perhaps because Fortnite is about to flip over to its new season soon. But that makes me wonder whether it can be overtaken. As far as I, as an ordinary gamer, can tell Fortnite is not as popular as it used to be – people don’t talk about it constantly like they used to – but it’s still the biggest of the free shooters.

Its major rival is Call Of Duty: Warzone but it never managed to beat it and so Activision are planning Warzone 2.0, which is unusual as usually these games don’t have sequels in the usual sense. That suggests Activision knows the game’s too far gone and can’t be ‘fixed’ – you’ve just got to start from scratch again.

That makes sense to me as someone that use to play the game a lot but has now mostly given up because of all the cheats and bugs, and the whole WW2 thing being so boring. So I think there’s a good chance that Warzone 2.0 will be very clearly better than the first. Will it be enough to beat Fortnite? I don’t think so. It just doesn’t have the same crossover appeal, but I think it will close the gap and then maybe Warzone 3.0 can take the trophy!

The fungus trilogy
I didn’t realise Resident Evil Village is getting a patch to play it in third person and DLC that is all set-up that way. That interests me great, as I never like first person games unless it’s a straight shooter. But what does this mean for Resident Evil 9, do you think?

Given the way Village ends, are Capcom trying to cut the whole fungus trilogy short, and just do it in two games, or is it still going to carry on more or less the same, with another first person game?

I find it hard to believe that they won’t at least have the option for both right form the start, but I think the next game will be another soft reboot. They’ve been really slowly to introduce the other characters, beyond just Chris, in the last two games and I think they’ve realised nobody is bonding with Ethan because you never see him.

The fact that I had to just look up his name, despite enjoying the last two games, says it all.

Kudos to Kojima
Got to agree with the reader said that, like him or loathe him, at least Hideo Kojima does things differently. I have no idea who Elle Fanning is and I doubt her being in the new game, whatever it is, will help improve anything, given how wooden the celebs were in Death Stranding, but whatever… it’s his game, he’s talked people into funding it, he can do whatever he wants.

We need more people in the games industry that can not only make weird stuff but talk publishers into giving them the money needed. Indie games are great and all but if nobody buys them, and they end up looking like an old NES game, I don’t think it’s quite the same.

So kudos to Kojima. I won’t necessarily buy his new game, but I do respect the fact that he got it made.

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Cynical but great
Great news from Konami at the Tokyo Game Show 2022! Remasters of beloved PS1 role-playing games Suikoden 1 and 2 are coming to all major platforms in 2023!

The series is my absolute favourite and, whilst this is a cynical move by Konami to cash in on Elyuden Chronicles, it is very welcome by the active and passionate Suikoden fanbase in the West.

Where this all leads is anyone’s guess but at least we get re-live some of the best story and character driven games of any era.

Just a great day to be a gamer!

Ubisoft Pass
RE: Game Pass Ubisoft Feast. It seems to have started recently with Assassin’s Creed Origins. Next was Far Cry 5, and then Immortals Fenyx Rising. I loaded up Game Pass today and saw Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has cropped up as a new addition.

I guess, for any Game Pass subscribers who aren’t fussed about playing the latest Ubisoft open world game at or near launch (like me), you’re better off just playing the waiting game.
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Game of the books
I must admit that the fantasy theme is the least appealing to me of all themes; wizards, warlocks, dragons, etc. has never grabbed me. However, for some weird reason there are a couple of exceptions which are within the game realm but come from books. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I think it might be a mix of them having books which go into detail on the lore of those worlds and also have tie-in films which help to visualise them, which the games have then copied. I have only played a handful of games across both series but all have been enjoyable though.

My first Harry Potter game was Chamber Of Secrets on PlayStation 2, which I remember as being a really fun action adventure game, then after that there was Order Of The Phoenix. Perhaps my least favourite book and film in the series but the game was the best Potter game in my opinion, due to it being the game to give players a full Hogwarts to explore, full of secrets and things to do. I also distinctly remember it being the first game I played where I noticed that the characters feet were correctly animated to take each step at a time on a staircase but that’s by the by.

In terms of Lord of the Rings, there was the really good Return Of The King game from EA. It’s up there for me as one of the best movie tie-in games. The combat was fun enough but what made it stand out to me was that it really captured the feeling of the epic battles from the films, complete with all the actor/actress likenesses. One of the best looking games for the time too.
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Monster praise
When it comes to fantasy worlds, for me its easily the world of Monster Hunter that I find the most captivating.

I know some people are going to assume that because it’s not a Western style role-playing game in first person or whatever it doesn’t count but the lore, the humour, the anime, and associated media linked to Monster Hunter have created a really vibrant, fun quirky world to sink hundreds of hours into.

It of course helps that each Monster Hunter has fantastic orchestral scores to accompany each hub world. With Iceborne and, more recently Sunbreak, Capcom have carved two equally divergent ways to express the characters and monsters that inhabit their world. Booting up a Monster Hunter game lets me buy into a very special creative vision for the hunting genre that is yet to be bested and long may that last.

Impulse purchase
I didn’t need to think about this; it’s The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

I picked the game up as an impulse purchase, having never heard of it, and was hooked from the instant it loaded. Morrowind was, in my opinion, a masterpiece. I know it’s dated now but, when it was released, it was like nothing I’d seen or played before.

The open world was beautiful and mysterious. The alien architectures really gave across a feeling of mystery that the subsequent games never quite managed to deliver (although I still loved Oblivion and Skyrim). There were little stories and snippets hidden away everywhere and always so much to see and do.

I have no idea how much time I spent in Morrowind and later on in the excellent expansions, but the world and the characters always made me want to come back for more.

Inbox also-rans
It has just dawned on me that it was 17 years between Outrun 1 and 2, but 19 years between 2 and now. Was there ever an Outrun 3? There should be.

GC: Depending on which of the home versions you count there are up to 10 different OutRun games, but none have been called OutRun 3.

I am hugely disappointed to hear the news that the PlayStation VR2 will not be compatible with PlayStation VR original games. It would seem each game would require a patch for the new controllers. This seems a bit lazy to me. In other news a VR mod is now available for the original Half-Life 2.

GC: We’d hesitate before calling any developer lazy, especially in a situation like this with complex technical issues and a small userbase. The Half-Life 2 is by fans who do all the work for free.

This week’s Hot Topic
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It can be a licensed game if you want but try to also include a game that started in video games. How big a fan of science fiction are you in general, and how much of a distinction do you make between relatively grounded settings and space fantasy?

Do you feel there are too many or too few sci-fi games at the moment and what kind of games would you like to see more of, including specific genres like space combat simulators and sci-fi horror?

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