Games Inbox: Have you played Astral Chain or Control yet?

The Monday Inbox asks if backwards compatibility will remove the need for next gen remasters, as another reader enjoys World Of Warcraft: Classic.

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A week to remember

Given what a bizarrely busy week it was last week for new games I’m curious as to how many people actually bought one of them? The end of August is not exactly prime video game-buying time for me but as a Platinum fan I did pick up Astral Chain after seeing how good the reviews are. I haven’t had much time to play it yet, but like I said it’s still the summer.

But not only did that come out but you had Control, Man Of Medan, Blair Witch, and World Of Warcraft: Classic, all of which are pretty big games. But looking at Metacritic there was also The Ninja Saviours (I’ll probably get that too), Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, Hunt: Showdown, Knights And Bikes, and Wreckfest. All of which I’ve heard of or are by famous developers.

But what madness is this? Who on earth is going to buy all those within the next six months let alone the same week? Heck, it’d probably take me a year to beat them all if I got them for free! I know we’re always complaining about publishers and their stupid release dates but this time it feels like they all got boozed up and just decided to release them at the same time on a dare.

I’m just glad GC managed to review all the important ones on time, so good on you guys. You can see even the really big sites struggled as well.


A question of power

Very good feature at the weekend about remasters for the next gen. Although I’m doubtful about something like Destiny 2 I wouldn’t bet against any of them, and with some its super blatant like Marvel’s Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077.

My question though, and I realise this can’t be answered yet, is just how different will they be? One argument has that some of these games – things like Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter: World will just be carried on through backwards compatibility but it all depends just how much more powerful the new consoles will be.

If there’s not much difference I can see more going for the backwards compatibility route, but if there is a bigger difference then they’re going to want to take advantage of that new hardware – and tempt people into double dipping. Just think how well Grand Theft Auto V did when it was ported to the current gen, I think everyone’s going to want a piece of that pie.

I also have my doubts about how well something like Cyberpunk 2077 is going to run on a base Xbox One. Everything I’ve seen so far looks way beyond it, especially given the level of interactivity.


Nothing to hide

Nice to see the new Cyberpunk 2077 footage, although I wish they hadn’t cut down 40 minutes to less than 15. I understand their reasoning, because to be honest the Internet is crazy (who could forget the Marvel’s Spider-Man rain puddle controversy) but it is beginning to seem a bit like CD Projekt has something to hide.

When you saw the full thing, GC, was there a lot of bugs and glitches that would explain why they’re being so cautious? I get that the game is still more than half a year away form being finished, so you’d expect some problems but is there some wider issue they’re having problems with?

Not that I can pretend it would bother me, I have to admit, as I’m getting it whatever. And to be honest it’s probably knowing most fans are like that that’s making them cautious, more than anything else.
Laughing Fish

GC: There was nothing that looked glitchy when we saw it, and we’ve seen it twice.


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Platinum badass

Been playing Astral Chain all weekend and can confirm it seems to be another Platinum classic. It seems to be almost a greatest hits version of all their previous games, with little bits I recognise from many of their previous games – like the way you can aim your sword when using the first Legion’s special move.

It’s been a great year for character action games (if that’s what this genre is called) and after Devil May Cry 5 and this I’m looking forward to Bayonetta 3 even more.

Even though I suspect it won’t I hope the game does well as there’s nothing like the combat in a Platinum game, the way you can literally run rings around the enemies and feel like a badass for doing something other than just jabbing the fire button.

I can’t wait to unlock more Legions as I go and I can already tell this is going to be one of my favourite games of the year. Although whether it will beat Devil May Cry 5 I couldn’t say yet. Can’t wait to find out though!


Portable wasteland

As I finally near the end of the less-great-than-I-was-hoping-but-still-somehow-unfathomably-moreish Fallout 4, I find myself wondering something.

I realise it’s probably not top of anyone’s priority list, but what do you think the chances are of Bethesda ever doing a Switch port of Fallout 3? I know Skyrim was their biggest darling and so they wanted to show it off everywhere they could, but it’s the wasteland I want to take with me when I go places, not the fantasy land…

GC: You’d think at least one of the modern Fallouts was fairly likely but there’s been no hint of it. Fans have been calling for a remaster/remake of New Vegas for years but there’s never been any suggestion it’s ever happening.


Old-fashioned civility

I too have been enormously enjoying my return to Azeroth in World Of Warcraft: Classic! I haven’t played the game properly since Burning Crusade and on returning to the game last year I was massively disappointed with what it had become. All of the soul of the game had been ripped out to make it as convenient as possible for players to get through to the end game, making the journey to max level pointless. No more was there any need to talk to other players, read quest logs, look on maps on where to go, even in dungeons the whole thing was automated so much I could have done it blindfold. I know some people like this, but for me the loss of immersion for convenience ruined the entire experience.

World Of Warcraft: Classic has brought all that was good about Warcraft back. In the first hour of playing I must have engaged with and partied up with more people than I did in an entire week of playing the modern version. When the server went live (Hydraxian Waterlords) it was massively busy and people were forming orderly queues to kill named enemies! It was a beautiful thing and I had so many laughs just chatting to other players in that line (screenshot included) and I’ve been hooked all over again. What a world to be a part of! Shout out to my guild The Vapid Ciphers for helping an old gamer learn the ropes all over again.

My human warrior’s name is Savage, say hello if you see me out and about slaying Horde scum!
Daniel Savage

World Of Warcraft: Classic – the joys of queuing


Cheaper than cheap

Great little indie game The Messenger has an expansion out and from what I played so far it’s excellent.
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but it escaped my attention until now.

Oh, it’s free too!


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Updated Feature

In response to Paul from the Friday Inbox, and updating from my previous Reader’s Feature on the Nintendo Switch Online service with multiple Switches.

You can use the same account on multiple switches and download the same games to play on every Switch on which your account is added.

I would suggest that you make your Switch Lite your primary console. You should do this because all non-primary consoles must have a continuous Internet connection to be used, which isn’t a problem at home, but on the move makes playing anything impossible as your phone or whatever hotspot you use disconnects and reconnects repeatedly as you move in and out of range on different mobile masts. Your primary console works all the time.

You do this by entering the eShop on your current primary Switch, open your account settings within the eShop by selecting your avatar in the top right corner, then scrolling down to the bottom and selecting deregister as primary console. Then quit out of the eShop. Whichever Switch you open the eShop on next becomes your primary console, so open the eShop and close it again on your Switch Lite. You can swap this back and forth as often as you like.

Since my Reader’s Feature, Nintendo has clearly updated the game share settings, such that each developer can choose to restrict each game to one user at a time or allow anyone in you Nintendo Switch Online family to play simultaneously on different Switches. Nintendo games generally allow you and others in your registered family to play the same game on multiple switches at the same time, but not everyone’s games do.

For example, I can race my daughter on Mario Kart 8 or shoot her on Splatoon 2 on different Switches (she has to be on the primary as only the game owner can play it on other Switches) however, you have to ‘buy’ Fortnite for each user even if in that instance the game is free.

Either way, you cannot use your account on two Switches at the same time. It has to be a second account from you Nintendo online family.

Everything else remains as per my previous feature/rant.
Antony White


Inbox also-rans

Just wondering if you’ve seen/heard of a game called Vambrace: Cold Soul and are reviewing it? I mistook it for the next game by the people who did Darkest Dungeon, looks similar in some regards.

GC: You’re right, it does look very similar, and the artwork’s nice, but we’re not sure we’ll have time for it.

Do you think you might review Collection Of Mana, looks a bit pricy though?
Dan Chambers

GC: There’s more chance of this, but our to do list at the moment is frighteningly long as it is.


This week’s Hot Topic

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It can be anything from what genre the game is to a relatively trivial element like the user interface or a mute main character but what puts you off a game instantly, no matter what the rest of it is like?

Are there specific settings, like sci-fi or zombies, that you always avoid or perhaps features like loot boxes or always-online play? What’s the most minor reason you’ve avoided a game and what’s the quickest you’ve ever given up on one?

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