Games Inbox: Is this the best generation of consoles ever?

The Morning Inbox pits Zelda: Breath Of The Wild vs. Super Mario Odyssey, as one reader explains why he’s switched from PS4 to Xbox One.

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Greatest generation

Crazy that you can get a PlayStation 4 with three of its best games for less than £220 now. Maybe it’s only for two days on Amazon but whatever it was before I’m sure it’s not much of a discount (Amazon Prime Day always seems like a disappointment to me). My point is you can get a state-of-the-art console and instant game collection for… well, not nothing but certainly a lot less than it’s worth given the amount of entertainment you can get out of it.

The Xbox One is even cheaper and while it doesn’t have quite the same game appeal Game Pass is just as good value and has an even more insane number of games ‘free’ on tap whenever you want it.

I think in terms of the quality of games and the value for money this is the best generation of consoles there’s ever been. The Switch and its games may never go cheap but their quality has been off the charts right since launch. I don’t own a gaming PC but I understand that’s as big as it’s ever been too.

Sorry I know, as a gamer, I shouldn’t be too positive about anything but I suddenly can’t help it!


Hottest on record

While I was reading the comments from Rickandrolla, about the fact they don’t have any games to play this summer, I was thinking to myself I have the complete opposite problem. I can only afford one game the next couple of months and I have three that I want. So it’s between Fire Emblem, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and Astral Chain.

I thought it would be easy and Fire Emblem would win but the bits I saw of Astral Chain at E3 really intrigued me. Also, I’m a big Marvel fan so that has a chance too. So, I’ve literally been changing my mind from one week to the next. For me this has been the least dry summer games drought ever.


A good year

Now that I have beaten Zelda: Breath Of The Wild I can catch up on that other Nintendo behemoth of 2017, Super Mario Odyssey. Though I imagine it won’t take as long to crack, even at 100%.

What follows are my most considered and highly erudite first impression. Oooh! Wow! Oh, that is just so amazing! What? I can unzip the scenery? I’m riding a dinosaur! I’m in the inverted pyramid and it’s so cool! I just made a bad guy punch himself in the face! Aww, wow! Incredible! Oooh! A secret entrance to one of the previous levels!

Gotta say, this has me hooked faster than Zelda did. Not that Odyssey will be the better game ultimately, I don’t know yet – perhaps it won’t have Breath Of The Wild’s depth. But I suppose you have to be very petty when judging between such high-quality products. What was ultimately the clincher for you, GC? What gave Link the victory over Mario in this instance?

GC: It’s not really a question of comparing the two directly, since they have virtually nothing in common, we just felt Breath Of The Wild was the best game that year. It’s also the best Zelda ever, while we still prefer Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 to Odyssey.


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Dragon sims

I didn’t play the original, but there’s been enough buzz around Dragon Quest Builders 2 that I read a few reviews, played the demo, watched a few YouTube videos, and eventually bought it.

I’m glad I did. While everyone seems to be comparing it to Minecraft, to me it feels a lot more like MySims. Going out to different parts of the world to gather resources to build stuff for people in your burgeoning town.

I do like how adding different items to rooms changes their function and the characters all react accordingly. It amused me when I built ‘the smallest room’ and everyone queued up to use it. I assume they’d all been holding it in up until then.

I’ve just finished the first island I visited and I’m looking forward to spreading some greenery to the isle of Awakening.
Euclidian Boxes

GC: Good for you for trying it, and yes, we suppose it does have some similarities to MySims.


Time well spent

RE: Royston’s question about Destiny 2. I play it daily. The game ticks a lot of boxes for me, as you can jump on and off doing bite-sized bits, chip away at quests, run strikes, run the Crucible, etc. but then there’s the larger things like raids to tackle.

The gunplay is the best I’ve seen in any game, in my opinion, and the social side is good as I’m part of a great clan which has grown and changed over the years. Some have joined, some have left, marriages have happened, children have been born, relationships have formed within the clan.

Although I’ve never met any of them in person, I regard them all as friends. All in all, I’ve sunk an awful lot of time into both Destiny games, as the attached photo suggests.
Funtimefitzy (PSN ID)


Pixel art is hard

Is there a reason why, as far as I know, we don’t see 16-bit artwork in indie games that are going for a retro look?

If a retro style game is released it tends to be in an 8-bit style and Axiom Verge, Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon, Shovel Knight, and Undertale all spring to mind.

Is this all to do with American nostalgia for the NES or is it skill-based? I can’t imagine there are many people out there as there used to be who have the ability to produce good quality sprite work from the Mega Drive/SNES era?

I didn’t grow up in the 8-bit era so it would be nice to see a few more 16-bit art styles please.

GC: It’s because, as you guessed, it’s hard. And therefore also more expensive. But 16-bit style games are not unknown, and we should be reviewing Blazing Chrome later this week – which looks exactly like an old SNES or Mega Drive game.


Un-thrilling prospect

Personally I can’t think of many games I’d less like to play than a The Division single-player story spin-off. The plot behind these games is really creepy, in a right wing American politics kind of way, and I do not know what Ubisoft has done to sign up such good actors for the movie (well, other than pay them lots of money obviously).

I can just about stomach Ubisoft’s ‘no politics’ stance in multiplayer games, where the story doesn’t matter, but not in a single-player game whose brand name comes from a writer of actual political thrillers.

I’m actually fairly confident Watch Dogs: Legion will be good though, as they’re not Tom Clancy games and the last one had a few interesting things to say.


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Free pass

After a prolonged absence Microsoft have firmly established themselves once again as part of my gaming routine. Just by offering a couple of good value and well implemented services.

I bought the Xbox One S as a media and Halo box and had no further plans for it. I bought Game Pass out of curiosity, on a deal that has now been extended to November 2020 due to Microsoft practically giving away an upgrade to Ultimate Game Pass. I will naturally play many new releases on my Xbox One S and PC as they are now ‘free’ on Game Pass. The Outer Worlds is probably the biggest example of a game that I would of originally played on PlayStation 4.

The other service is backwards compatibility. I now prefer to play legacy games on my Xbox One S instead of my PlayStation 3. The most recent example is Daytona, which I would of normally of picked up on PlayStation 3 but went for the Xbox One S version. I really hope Sony offer legacy games on PlayStation 5 but I’m not too hopeful.

As I have it now I play most first person shooters on the Xbox One S, as the pad is leagues above the DualShock for these games. A workmate and I have decided to play multiplayer together on Sundays and decided it was an opportunity to finally give Destiny 2 a go. The Forsaken Complete Pack is £36 on Xbox and £26 on PlayStation 4 right now and I believe contains everything released so far. I bought the Xbox One version as I just prefer first person shooters and multiplayer on Xbox.

Games with a D-pad though are an easy choice for PlayStation. The Dual Shock D-pad is great, whereas I just can’t get on with Xbox D-pad. So although I own Rayman Legends on backwards compatibility I still play it on PlayStation 3 and 4.
Simundo Jones


Inbox also-rans

So another great game for PlayStation VR… you know what, I think I’m going to take a swing at it on Amazon Prime Day. Wish me luck!

OMG, GC. You are not going to believe your optical sensors when you see this new Transformers toy. And that’s just me talking about the price!

GC: Yes, we are well aware. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately, given the price) they won’t ship it outside of North America.


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