Games Inbox: What do you think of the Resident Evil 3 remake reveal?

The Wednesday Inbox is very impressed by Sony’s State of Play livestream, as one reader looks forward to Golf Story follow-up Sports Story.

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Yearly Evil
So the rumours were right, Resident Evil 3 remake has been announced and it’s out in just a few months. I like that Capcom are knocking these out so quickly. There was only a year gap between Resident Evil 2 and 3, because the shared so much content, and I’m sure how this one was done as well. That’s not a criticism though. Resident Evil 3 might have been the worse of the original trilogy but it was still a good game and miles better than stuff like Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 6 (I’d put it about on the same level as 5).

Nemesis might just have been a souped up Mr. X but he worked really well and was a lot more scary, as you never knew when he could appear and you were never safe from him. Considering how these games work now I can’t wait to play it again in the remake and I think it has the potential to be better than Resident Evil 2 even.

Adding in Project Resistance for nothing is a nice touch too. I wonder if that’s going to become the modern equivalent of Mercenaries mode now? I thought the whole 4 vs. 1 concept had been proven a bit of a dud but if it’s free I’ll definitely be giving it a go.
PS: The other exciting thing about them making these games so quickly is that it increases the chance of Code: Veronica and Dino Crisis also getting remade, which would be great.


Good State
Great State Of Play video by Sony, they really are getting better at these things. That psyche out with the Project Resistance/Resident Evil 3 reveal was great and a lot of the other stuff looked interesting too. I really liked the look of the Predator game and very glad to see that Babylon’s Fall hasn’t been cancelled or anything. It really did look like a mix of Astral Chain and Bloodborne, and that’s got to be a good thing.

Dreams looks like it could be a really useful thing too. I didn’t expect some of the graphics to be as good as they are and I’d be really interested to know what the story is with that WipEout game. Are Sony letting anyone just make games based on their franchises? If so, you don’t have to worry about no more Ape Escape for much longer!

I also really liked the look of Superliminal. A lot of these Portal inspired games don’t usually turn out that well but I’m hopefully this might be different as the way it’s messing with your perspective seems really cool. Nice one Sony.


Good sport
With The Game Awards coming up this week, I was always hoping for some exciting new announcements. What I didn’t anticipate was the announcement of Sports Story in the Nintendo Indie Direct.

Golf Story is one of my favourite Switch games and I am optimistic the sequel can be not only bigger but even better as well. Sports Story has shot straight near the top of my most anticipated games of 2020.
Pigfish2 (PSN ID/NN ID)


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Super Crash Odyssey
So Crash Bandicoot wasn’t in State of Play, so that means it’s probably going to be at The Game Awards on Friday? I’m not going to pretend any of the old games were better than Mario but I will say I’m excited and I think there’s a chance this could be something special, as Activision knows there’s money in it and one thing I will say for them is they’re not afraid to spend when they think they’ll get a good return on it.

The name Crash Bandicoot Worlds immediately suggests something open world and I’d love to see a big budget 3D platformer again. To me it’d be a big disappointment if the new game was just on-the-rails like the old PS1 ones, and I can’t really believe they’d do that.

I’m imagining something more like Super Mario Odyssey, the name almost hints at it, with a bunch of small open world areas and some really great graphics. The theory I read said that these new masks they’re hinting at give you extra powers so they could work like Mario power-ups too, maybe allowing you to fly or swim and that sort of thing.

I hope we find out on Friday, I don’t want to wait till next year.


White Christmas
Further evidence that Black Friday is a hyperbolic load of horse manure is that many stores currently have the PS4 Pro for £270, pretty sure it wasn’t that price on Black Friday. To sweeten the deal Argos offers it with two free games which include from a tier 1 list of Death Stranding, Days Gone, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. The second tier game you can choose is from a much less impressive list but does include Metro Exodus.

£270 for a PS4 Pro with Death Stranding and Metro Exodus is a bloody good deal, you could also add an extra controller for 30 quid and get the whole lot for less than 300 of your Great British pounds. Even better, as it’s a much a newer model it shouldn’t sound like you’re playing in a wind tunnel when using it, happy days.


Controlled purchase
I thought I’d chime in with Dan (Grimwar85) and give Control praise, it really is a great premise for a game and the atmosphere and setting is great! While the powers that you pick up during the game are awesome (the telekinesis is so satisfying, as alluded to by Dan in his letter) it also has some surprisingly good puzzles which require a little more than the average game to work out.

One involving working out the correct sequence of punch cards to start a machine stands out as a particularly good example. I’ve actually been really pleasantly surprised by Control, which was my only purchase over Black November (was it me or was it pretty much a whole month this year?)
Rickandrolla (PSN ID)


Universal problem
I am based in Austria and yesterday picked up the Switch Mario Kart bundle at Media Markt (Saturn also had the same deal) for 299 euros. This is currently around £250 so seemed a good deal.

Not sure if this is helpful for other readers but thought I’d mention just in case.

GC: At the very least it proves that Black Friday being rubbish is not limited to the UK.


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Virtual dream
Here They Lie…I had no idea this game even existed prior to discovering it on a YouTuber’s PlayStation VR channel but I’m glad I’ve played it because it was an experience quite unlike anything else I’d played.

Its world has a captivating dream-like logic to it, its story and lore is cryptic, alluring and quite macabre, and it’s presented in a striking monochromatic visual style. But best of all, a lot of the scares are extremely effective. So much so that I’d felt compelled to continuously pause the game to seek respite from some of the awful frights!

And a what a memorable and bizarre domain you inhabit in this strange game, I very much got Lovecraftian and Lynchian vibes from the oppressive, ominous atmosphere and characters here. The madness and menace in its inhabitants also reminded me of Bloodborne.

My gripes with the game are that the story doesn’t reach anywhere near a satisfying conclusion, and that it’s essentially a scary walking simulator with barely any involved gameplay other than hiding and running away from some of the wicked beings. Still highly recommend for its incredibly distinguished world design and fear factor though.
Galvanized Gamer


Inbox also-rans
Yes, Axiom Verge 2! And it looks a major improvement on the original, graphics wise. Wonder if it’s still just the one guy making it? Either way, count me in. Loved the first one!

I agree with whoever it was that wrote in saying Valve are going to annoy people even more with VR sequels to their famous games. Now rather than there not being a Left 4 Dead 3 there is one but I can’t play it no matter what format or PC I have.


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