Games Inbox: What other games do you want on the Mega Drive Mini?

The evening Inbox puzzles over Reggie Fils-Aime’s final Retro Studios tease, as one reader warns that 8K TVs are not worth the money.

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The Legend of Soleil

That Mega Drive Mini is looking pretty good right about now. Wasn’t there someone writing in just the other day about Earthworm Jim? Seems like good old Inbox magic is still firing on all cylinders. I was glad to see Landstalker included as the Mega Drive had a lot of role-playing games that deserve more attention, having been largely ignored at the time let alone now.

I definitely hope they include Soleil, which is an excellent Zelda clone that nobody seems to remember even though it had really good graphics for the time. It’s more action-based, with few proper puzzles but it’s still really good.

The Story Of Thor is another one that does come up occasionally but definitely could do with the additional exposure. And of course there’s the Phantasy Star games as well, which I assume are guaranteed some kind of representation (not to mention a sequel or remake!). That’s what I’m pulling for anyone, be interested to see what other people think.


His & Hers

This wouldn’t be the first time a Japanese report misused the term next gen (I’m guessing they use a different term themselves and it doesn’t translate well) but it sure is fun to think of what Nintendo might be planning to follow up the Switch. Maybe if the PlayStation 5 is more powerful than they thought they might be thinking that it’s time to do a Switch 2 that can keep up?

Considering they seem to be slowly getting more and more third party support I can see them thinking that they need to keep at least within spitting distance of the competition. But it’s Nintendo so who knows.

I would definitely be interested in a smaller version of the Switch though and that’s been rumoured so many times now there’s got to be at least some truth for it. I’d probably get it as a present for my girlfriend and then we could sort of swap using whichever one best-suited where we are. She really got interested in the Switch with Zelda and has hinted before she’d like her own one.


Reggie’s final secret

OK, this is a weird thing but I figured the Inbox might find it amusing. Reggie from Nintendo tweet about a retirement party he had this week, where he got a special bit of artwork made by Retro Studios featuring the characters they’d worked on. Part of the image is obscured though and you can just make out what looks like a robot hand with three fingers, which doesn’t seem to match up with any known character.

The theory is that this is a new game and whatever Retro were working on before they were diverted to Metroid Prime 4. It sounds like nonsense but there is definitely something odd in the picture, plus the artist has been tweeting vague messages which could possible be confirmation it’s a genuine secret.

It doesn’t help anyone in that we still don’t know what it is but it could mean that Retro definitely have something to unveil at E3 that isn’t Metroid related.


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Better luck next time

Thanks for the Konami Anniversary Arcade compilation… or whatever it was called, GC. I didn’t see anyone else reviewing it. I always like it when you get upset about how lazy and uncaring publishers are with their own history and this sounds pretty much the same as always. Actually maybe better, if you consider things like the Silent Hill remasters.

I’m all for celebrating retro gaming but I don’t know what this recent trend is for retro compilations that include so few games. That Capcom mini-console is ridiculous in how few games it has and since it doesn’t have any way to upgrade itself I don’t see what the point is.

Konami are making more compilations but I doubt any of them are going to be a Frogger or Green Beret themed one so why weren’t they included in this one, where, judging by the title, they belong? And why wasn’t there an actual Gradius collection? Oh well, maybe for the 60th anniversary?


Further expansion

Personally I’m looking forward to Mortal Kombat 11 next week. I’m sure it won’t be that difference to the last one, but what fighting game ever is? However, I do agree with the reader that said more fighters should concentrate on single-player and make it the main or even only player mode.

Mortal Kombat is the obvious franchise to make this kind of experiment as it’s already the best at single-player (excepting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which I haven’t played). But any of the major series could do it or, god forbid, you could invent a new one.

There’s obvious crossover with creating a scrolling beat ‘em-up, which companies also seem wary of doing, but to me this is the only way to get away from the fact that fighters are always the same. The irony is that Mortal Kombat is the only franchise that doesn’t need to do this as it sells much more than the others anyway, but if it wants to extend its lead the obvious way is there.


No joke

So I’ve downloaded the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update, along with the Joker DLC, and I’m very, very impressed. The fan service is off the charts and Joker is a fun character to play with.

I’m almost certain Persona 5 is coming to the Switch now, with all the hype and rumours I’d be surprised if it wasn’t released now! I tried it on the PlayStation 4 on release and I loved it but never got close to finishing it, I think the Switch is perfect for it and I think it would sell very well.

I don’t know if it’s big enough for a Hot Topic but it’d be interesting to see what other characters readers would like to see in Smash. I hope they announce a second Fighters Pass, off the top of my head I’d like, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright, Kratos, Amaterasu, Dante, Lara Croft, and Goku from Dragon Ball.

Nintendo do make some odd decisions at times, refusing to do the obvious but when they get it right, like with Smash Bros. Ultimate, there’s nothing like them!

GC: We might do a Hot Topic, maybe once the second character is announced.


Coming soon

I realise you may literally be about to review thee two games (in the first case you have for the Xbox) but any word on the Cuphead port and Katana Zero?

I really want to download some new games before I go away so can’t be my usual patient self for the reviews!

GC: Cuphead went up this afternoon but we haven’t had Katana Zero in for long enough to do a review yet, it should be ready after Easter though.


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Visible difference

With Sony announcing that the PlayStation 5 will support 8K content, I thought it would be a good time to repeat something I said a few months, back when the subject last came up.

Whilst larger numbers always sound good, there’s a very real limitation to be taken into consideration, and that’s the human eye. Basically, depending on screen size there is an optimal viewing distance where the full benefit of the resolution can be obtained. Beyond that, some slight improvement will be noticed, but that quickly drops off with increasing distance until a point is reached where no extra detail can be resolved over a lower resolution. This is a good article explaining it in some detail.

Essentially, to gain any benefit from an 8K TV at all, you would need to be less than five feet away from a 75″ screen, and even then, you’d only notice a slight difference over 4K. To get full benefit you’d need to be 2.5 feet away. From a 75″ screen. Just let that sink in. With a 50″ screen you’d need to be three feet away to notice any improvement over 4K. I don’t know anyone who watches screens of that size in those circumstances. Just remember that 8K cameras are used to shoot IMAX films. (Regular cinema screens are generally 4K.)

We’re going to hear a lot about 8K in the coming years, especially from TV manufacturers desperate to sell the latest, shiniest products trying to convince people they’ll be ‘future-proofing’ themselves. Well until we all start getting bionic eyes too, falling for the hype will just be a waste of money.
Sparky the Yak


Inbox also-rans

Interesting little titbit but the Chinese government has approved the Switch for release in China, which it doesn’t often do. Could have a big impact on Nintendo’s future profits!

Have a nice Easter GC, I assume you’ll be away for the Easter bank holiday? Don’t eat too much chocolate (or do, if you really want to!).

GC: Yes, we’ll be back as normal on Tuesday. Happy Easter everyone!


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Carnie, who asks what’s your dream licensed video game?

Games based on movies, TV shows, comics, and other existing properties have seen something of a resurgence in recent months, particularly with Star Wars and Marvel, but what video game would you most want to see made based on something that already exists? Whether it’s James Bond or Hellboy let us know what kind of game it’d be and if you have a dream developer you’d like to see work on it.

Please remember it’s the Easter bank holiday this week, so we need as many emails in as soon as possible and by Thursday afternoon at the latest.

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