Gary Bowser Agrees To Pay Nintendo An Additional $10 Million In Piracy Case

Last month, the aptly named Gary Bowser came to an agreement with Nintendo following his arrest in 2020 for the creation and sale of modchips compatible with the Switch. Users of the modchips were able to download and play illegal ROMs on the console, allowing them to avoid actually paying for Nintendo games altogether. Hence why Nintendo wasn't too happy about Bowser's work, as well as the collective efforts of Team-Xecuter, the group Bowser was a part of.

Bowser pled guilty to his crimes in court and settled with Nintendo by offering to pay the company an eye-watering $4.5 million. Despite that agreement, Bowser could still face jail time for his crimes. As it turns out, Bowser's problems with Nintendo are far from over. The amount the hacker now owes the company has risen by an additional $10 million.

The amount Bowser owes Nintendo has more than tripled thanks to the result of a civil case rooted in the same accusations also going against him. That civil case has now been settled and means Bowser now owes Nintendo the princely sum of $14.5 million for the tech he helped to create and sell allowing Switch owners to circumvent actually paying money for Nintendo's games and software.

It should be noted that these fines are Bowser's alone to pay, and not part of a collective issued to all of Team-Xecuter. It's possible, and highly likely, other members of the group will also have to pay Nintendo rather large amounts of cash in the near future. As well as agreeing to pay $4.5 million in the criminal case against him, Bowser also agreed to help find and name others involved in the project.

Max Louarn, who was arrested alongside Bowser in 2020, is yet to even face trial. The French hacker is back in his native country awaiting trial. It was supposed to take place earlier this year but has been postponed until January 2022. It's possible Louarn could end up having to pay a similar amount to Nintendo as Bowser should he be found guilty of the same or similar crimes.

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