Genshin Impact: 5 Pro Tips For Playing As Yaoyao

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  • Yaoyao Has Amazing Dendro Application
  • Her Constellations Change A Lot
  • Her Play Style Is Flexible
  • Don't Waste Your Elemental Burst
  • Her Healing Is Not The Best

When it comes to four-star characters, the developers of Genshin Impact usually restrain their play style so that they're good in some specific situations only. Although, this is not entirely the case with Yaoyao because her skill set is unique and it can drastically change the effectiveness of your team.

Yaoyao is a four-star Polearm-wielding character with a Dendro vision. She has grown up with the Adepti of Liyue, and she has also taken some powers from them. She can gain an unsurpassed Adeptal Legacy state using the Elemental Burst, which is a big part of her damage output.

Yaoyao Has Amazing Dendro Application

The most important part about Yaoyao's kit that every user needs to remember is that she has an amazing Dendro application. Seven elements exist in the world of Teyvat, and each character can use one of these elements based on their vision, apart from the Traveler.

Different elements can come together to trigger a certain reaction with each other. The Dendro reactions were released to the game in the Version 3.0 update along with the element itself, and they can be quite tricky to understand. But the Dendro application from Yaoyao can be great to trigger these reactions.

Yaoyao's Elemental Skill releases Yuegui on the field. This mini-rabbit constantly throws explosive radishes at the enemies that explode and apply Dendro in a small area. If you use her along with a crowd-controller like Venti or Sucrose that can group enemies, you can easily apply Dendro to all of them.

Although, you can't infuse Yaoyao's normal, charged, or plunging attacks with Dendro. She mostly functions as an off-field Dendro applicator unless you use her Elemental Burst.

Her Constellations Change A Lot

Every character in Genshin Impact comes along with six constellations apart from some exceptions like Aloy. These constellations can be unlocked when you get a copy of the character after getting the first one. The third and fifth constellations for each character are the same, and they increase the level of their Elemental Skill and Burst.

There are a couple of ways to get copies of characters in Genshin Impact, and it's even more accessible when the character in question is a four-star:

  • You can try to summon the character whenever they're featured on a banner along with two other four-star characters. A four-star is guaranteed in every ten pulls, and you can easily get some Yaoyao constellations if you get lucky.
  • You can also get four-star characters randomly when you're wishing on any of the banners in the game. These characters are added to the general pool after their first feature banner is finished.
  • Finally, some events exclusive to Liyue like Lantern Rite can also get you a free copy of the character.

Yaoyao's constellations are great since they change a lot for her. The first constellation unlocks a new play style for her, the second one solves her Energy problems, and her fourth constellation gives her free Elemental Mastery that can make the reactions better. Overall, it's worth it to try and get the first four of her constellations if you can.

Her Play Style Is Flexible

It is quite surprising just how flexible Yaoyao can be if you're using the right artifacts and weapons on her. Here are all the different play styles you can have while you're using Yaoyao in your party:

  • Both her Elemental Skill and Burst heals your party in some way. For the Elemental Skill, you can simply leave Yuegui on the field, and it will constantly heal the active character based on her HP. If you're having trouble surviving in battle and you don't have a shielder, this play style can be used on her.
  • As mentioned above, Yaoyao has an amazing Dendro application that allows her to perform greatly in reaction-based teams. You'll have to build a ton of Elemental Mastery if you want to use this play style.
  • Finally, her first constellation gives a Dendro DMG Bonus to the character who is in the radish's AoE when it explodes. If you have this constellation, Yaoyao can be used as a Dendro buffer alongside DPS characters like Alhaitham or Tighnari.

While you only need the first constellation for using her as a Dendro buffer, there are a few other requirements when it comes to placing her in a reaction-based team. Firstly, it's recommended to have the Gilded Dreams artifact set along with Dragon's Bane weapon to maximize your Elemental Mastery.

Other than that, here are the requirements for different reaction-based teams for her:

Reaction Type


Quicken, Aggravate, and Spread

This is one of the best reactions in Genshin Impact, but you need to have an Electro character that can apply constant Electro off-field without normal attacks like Raiden Shogun or Fischl. This is because you won't be using your basic attacks with Yaoyao.


Making a Bloom team with Yaoyao can be quite tricky if you don't have Nilou. This is because the Dendro Cores take a long time to explode and deal damage, but they automatically explode if the maximum number of Cores exceeds six.


If you don't have Nilou, it's better to use Yaoyao in a Hyperbloom team if you're going to fight a boss enemy. This team requires at least one Electro, Dendro, and Hydro character unless the enemy has one of the elements. Moreover, the Electro character needs to have AoE damage like Yae Miko or Kuki Shinobu.

You can also try to make a team for Burning or Burgeon, but these aren't the best reactions in the game. Burning can deal constant Pyro damage but it's not that much, and Burgeon leads to your character taking a lot of damage as well.

Don't Waste Your Elemental Burst

Yaoyao has a special Elemental Burst that can easily be wasted if you don't pay attention to it. While her Elemental Skill can work even when you're not on the field, the Elemental Burst requires you to stay on the field for a long time. When you trigger the Burst, three Yuegui will spawn on the field that will deal damage and heal characters based on your Elemental Burst scaling.

After unlocking the Starscatter passive, Yaoyao will throw radishes at opponents while running, sprinting, or jumping during the Elemental Burst as well. These radishes can also deal damage to the enemies and heal all the nearby party members.

The problem is that all three Yuegui will go away if you switch to another character during this time. Her Burst lasts for five seconds, and you need to pay attention to its timing. During these five seconds, you can't switch to any other character if you don't want to lose any value. This is why you might not even use Yaoyao's Burst as often.

Although, you can use it as much as you want if you're using her as a reaction carry. This means that characters with other elements will be the off-field damage while Yaoyao constantly applies a ton of Dendro with her Burst.

Her Healing Is Not The Best

Yuegui is supposed to give your active character regular healing since it can trigger healing every second. Although, this ability's healing is not the best because of the low scaling. For example, Yaoyao's skill heals your active character for 3.26 percent of Max HP with an extra 392 at talent level 11.

On the other hand, other characters that also heal the active character like Kuki Shinobu or Bennett have much higher scaling (up to 12 percent of max HP). While her Elemental Burst makes up for this healing, you don't generally want to use that ability for healing purposes.

It's a ton of DPS waste if your healer has to be on the field when they're healing the other members. Although, this can work if you're using her as a reaction carry.

Essentially, if you want a character specifically for healing your characters and the Dendro element isn't required, there are better options.

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