Genshin Impact: A Guide To Completing Luhua Landscape

The region of Liyue in Genshin Impact is rich with quests that can help players raise their work level quickly. For those looking to do this quickly, grabbing one of the many short quests situated near the Wangshu Inn can do the trick. Luhua Landscape is a quest that can be started at any time as long as the player is up for venturing into the middle of the region.

The pools are named on the map and easy to find once the statue of the seven has been activated in the region. They also have a very distinct look that is different from the rest of the landscape in the game.

Starting The Quest

To start the quest go to the Luhua pools and head to the area between the two giant statues. Once there, speak with Vermeer, a traveling artist that will send you to collect his missing tools. The quest is a bit different than most as you aren’t given markers to follow. Instead, Vermeer places two images in your inventory that you must match to the area on the other side of the pools.

This is pretty easy to do as small campsites will be set up where the tools are as well. After returning the tools to Vermeer, two circles will appear on the map. These are the strange stones that will unlock the gate to the ruins in the pool. Grab the stones and then place them in the heads of the statue to expose a monument.

Opening The Gate ( Geo Required)

Use geo to activate the monument and summon three different Abyss Mages. These mages will be cryo, hydro, and pyro. The mages will spawn at the same time and need to be defeated within 90 seconds. Be careful to not get frozen when dealing with the hydro and cryo mages as this will be the biggest drain on your time bar.

There is no nearby water source to knock them into to help beat the clock. Before activating the monument, it’s heavily advised that you use attack and defense boosting food. Sucrose can also be useful in the battle as she will draw all three mages together making them easier to take down within the time limit.

Once beat, the gate to the ruins will open. There are two spiders that need to be killed in order to gather the chest. For completing Luhua Landscape, players will get:

  • 50 Primogems
  • 450 Adventure Experience
  • 30,0000 Mora
  • 2 Hero’s Wit

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