Genshin Impact: All Phantasmal Conch Locations

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Version 2.8 update brought along the Summer Event for 2022 in Genshin Impact. This event includes a long Summertime Odyssey quest, a bunch of mini-events, and the return of the Golden Apple Archipelago. The island itself changes after every part of the main quest is finished and more places to explore open up.

Just like last time, there are a bunch of Phantasmal Conches scattered all across the summer islands and quest domains. To collect these, you have to explore and finish the main quest line. There are a total of 20 conches, and you require at least 16 of them to unlock Fischl's new outfit.

Conch Location On The Middle Isle

First, simply head over to the little island in the middle that also has a symbol for the Surfpiercer event guide. You'll find the first Imaging Conch on this island.

Once you're on the island, the symbol for the location of this conch will pop up on your screen. Head towards the middle to find the required conch, and you can hear the story of the Fatui as a phenomenal image from the past is shown on the tent nearby.

Conch Locations On Broken Isle

Once you're done with the Middle Isle, you can head northwest to find the next five conches on the Broken isle. One of these is time-gated and requires you to finish a certain quest.

Conch 1

To get this conch, teleport to the northern teleport on Broken Isle and head towards the east of the small island on the right. You'll find it inside a Hilichurl camp, and you might have to defeat them if you want to read what it says properly.

Conch 2

From the first conch, run directly towards the Teleport Waypoint on the mountain in the middle, and you'll find it sitting between some grass waiting for you to interact with it.

Conch 3

Move directly west from the second conch, and you'll find this sitting on a massive rock on your left.

Conch 4

Walk directly North from the third conch, and you'll find this one sitting on another pile of rocks. A few Hilichurls run by this place occasionally, so make sure you kill them before interacting with it, so you don't get disturbed.

Conch 5

This is a time-gated Conch that requires you to finish the Blazin' Trail quest. Once the quest is finished, interact with the drum on the Broken Isle to make the mountain on the west side of the map smaller. This will unlock a new cave entry on the north side of this mountain.

Enter the cave, and you need to light up four torches and then activate the first Pyro pillar to make the water go down halfway. Next, you need to activate another Pyro pillar in front, for which you will also have to use the doorway in the cave.

Once this is done, the water will be drained completely, and you can find the conch shown above. This is a special conch as it actually triggers an entire cutscene, including a Mirror Maiden.

Conch Locations On Twinning Isle

The conches on Twinning Isle aren't as easy and straightforward to acquire. One of these conches is also time-gated, and needs a certain quest completion.

Conch 1

For the first conch on this isle, teleport to the northern Teleport Waypoint and glide down south towards the conch that you can see on your mini-map right below you. You'll find this conch in the grasslands near the beach.

Conch 2

For the second conch, teleport back to the same Teleport Waypoint and take the elevator in front of you.

To use this elevator, you will need to finish the Immernachtreich Apokalypse quest which is the fourth main quest in Summertime Odyssey.

Without this quest in the bag, you will have to physically climb the mountain entirely.

Once the elevator reaches its location, follow the path upwards through the cave guarded by a few Hilichurls. When you see an entry on the right, you will also see a rock path ahead which you can follow to get to this conch.

Conch 3

For this, you can teleport to either Waypoint on the Twinning Isle and head towards the set of small islands on the East. When you reach the island, you'll find this conch near the beach itself.

Conch 4

This conch requires you to do Fischl's main quest. Once you're done with it, you can head over to the designated island to find three statues around a well.

Talk to all three statues and you will get an option to throw stones into the well. Once this is done, the conch will float up, and you can claim it.

Conch Locations On Pudding Isle

The conch locations on this island are out in the open.

Conch 1

Teleport to the Teleport Waypoint on Pudding Isle and you can find this one right beside the Teleport.

Conch 2

Glide directly down south from the Teleport Waypoint and you will find this on the beach in the open. Make sure you defeat all the enemies around before interacting with it.

Conch 3

Once you get the second conch, follow the beach on the same island, and you'll find this one diagonally opposite in the open.

Conch Locations On Minacious Isle

Minacious Isle can be quite tricky if you've done the fifth part of the Summertime Odyssey quest.

To return the island back to its original state, you can interact with a pool located in west from the main mechanism which you used to head into the mirage.

Conch 1

After resetting the island to its original position, head towards the pool in the middle, and you will find this conch sitting on a rock structure just past the pool itself.

Conch 2

For the final two conches in this area, you can activate the Anemo statue, and it will generate a wind current.

Use the wind current to fly up, and this conch will be located before you reach the top right below an Electro Fatui Skirmisher.

Conch 3

This is located at the very top of the mountain. The wind current will take you directly up there, and you will find this beside a Common Chest.

This conch will trigger a cutscene and disappear once it's finished playing.

As The Courtyard In Spring Once Appeared Conch

This is the first conch that you will find in the domains during the main Summertime Odyssey quest. You will find this Echoing Conch when you start the third domain in As The Courtyard In Spring Once Appeared quest. It will appear after you enter this domain.

Blazin' Trail Conch

To find this one, head back into the Blazin' Trail domain and go to the bridge that you need to take to reach the Frozen Soul.

When you're halfway through this bridge, you will see an opening below. Head over there and interact with the drum at the edge of the cliff.

Once the new bridge has appeared, cross it, and you'll find a door that will lead you to another realm.

Here, you need to follow the path on the left until you reach a checkpoint leading to a harp puzzle inside. This is where you'll find the conch.

On this puzzle, turn the bloom in the middle towards the left and activate the harp. This will create a direct wind tunnel from the big megaphone on the left to the conch you desire.

Immernachtreich Apokalypse Conch

The Echoing Conch within the Immernachtreich Apokalypse quest can be found inside the second domain where you need to use obstacles to cover the gaps and fix structures.

Once you start, you will find a checkpoint just before a bridge that you need to cross. You will find the required conch past this bridge.

The Ancient Azure Stars Conch

This is probably the trickiest conch to acquire in the entirety of the summer event. To have a chance at it, you first need to solve the azure puzzles for the first three rooms in this domain. Once you've done that, head back to the first one and go through the door that has been opened.

Once you've reached the next puzzle, you simply have to connect the mechanisms to the one after it in the area that has multiple lower and higher mechanisms. Once you've cleared this and reached the next room, make the pattern three times.

After doing that, an arrow will appear on the wall where the pattern was initially shown. Get close to the wall the arrow is pointing at and touch it. Now, simply follow the path, and you will find the conch beside a Precious Chest, finishing your conch collection and unlocking all the rewards.

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