Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Yun Jin

Combat in Genshin Impact can get chaotic at times, leaving those characters without obvious power vulnerable on the battlefield. Support characters are often unique in their skill sets, making choosing a perfect setup a series of experiments. Mixing and matching what weapon works best is key, not only with the character but your own playstyle.

Yun Jin's strength lies in her defense, juggling a shield while giving the rest of her team a serious boost. Energy recharge is also a main priority because of the low-cost burst she carries, giving her the potential for high-impact plays at a reliable rate. The defensive focus with support elements gives Yun Jin options with weapons, but these choices stand out amongst the rest as the top weapons in her arsenal.

5 Prototype Starglitter

This polearm's attack power might leave something to be desired in comparison to the rest of the weapons but it makes up for it by having great synergy with the character. Prototype Starglitter has a high rate of energy recharge, outscoring most basic bonus effects. The extra energy will let Yun Jin use her elemental burst and skill more often, her main source of damage as support.

When Yun Jin uses an elemental skill, the basis of her style, her normal and charged attack damage will increase by up to 12 percent. The increase to attack damage lets her chip away at the enemy while delivering her team buff, all from the safety of her elemental skill shield. Unless you're going to push the DPS role or you're heavily focused on attack power, the four-star options for Yun Jin are often more effective than losing money to the gacha gods trying to get a five-star weapon.

4 Staff Of Homa

The Staff Of Homa is one of the most recommended weapons for Yun Jin, and is a common choice for any character using the polearm weapon. Getting love and admiration for its heavy stats and useful effects, this weapon has joined the Genshin Impact hall of fame. The utility shows itself in Yun Jin's hands when it boosts her health by 20 percent, slowly increasing to reach a maximum 40 percent boost. The staff's effects don't stand alone, you also get an attack bonus based on your HP, further increasing when your health drops below 50 percent to reach a three percent stack.

All those effects only compliment the massive base stats it brings to the table, starting with a 46 attack, it's easily enough to handle high-level opponents. Moving Yun Jin into a secondary DPS role becomes an easy task with such a heavyweight weapon, even ramping up the critical damage by 14 percent, more than making up for Yun Jin's support level offense.

3 Deathmatch

A four-star option for those who don't want to use precious resources rolling for rare equipment, Deathmatch does the job without hitting your wallet too hard. Yun Jin's role finds her bouncing from fight to fight using her abilities to support her team, a task that requires a reliable weapon when she's left vulnerable on the field. Deathmatch is the best choice for the player who's forced to circle the map, powering up around two or more enemies. As soon as there are two or more enemies around you, Deathmatch will boost Yun Jin's attack and defense, starting at 16 percent and going up to 32.

If you're in a head-to-head battle then Deathmatch will accommodate by dropping the defense in place of a more powerful attack boost, starting at 24 and ending at 40 percent. Yun Jin's natural ability to juggle shields and maintain a solid defense is only heightened by a giant boost in attack power, giving her the ability to drive off enemies, rather than simply holding on for backup.

2 Skyward Spine

Yun Jin is a rare character that Skyward Spine works well with, clashing with most other characters due to its unique skill and stat makeup. The impressive stat it does bring is its base attack, a 48 that delivers big damage when it needs to. The bonus effect gives her an eight percent energy recharge, one of Yun Jin's main requirements in her weapon choice. The real difference comes in the 12 percent boost to attack speed and eight percent critical hit rate jump, not only making her a more formidable combat opponent but increasing her chances to activate Skyward Spine's real skill.

When you land a hit on an enemy, you'll have a 50 percent chance to activate the vacuum blade, taking 40 percent of your damage and transferring it to an AoE attack. The damage barrier that can combine with your elemental burst creates a dangerous border around Yun Jin, one that she could now attack from at a much higher rate of speed with the powerful weapon.

1 Favonius Lance

The Favonius Lance has the unique ability to give you a better base attack at 44, combined with an energy restoration skill. The skill gives critical hits a 60-100 percent chance at regenerating elemental particles, in turn giving you more energy to put towards your elemental burst. Yun Jin's support skills are based around her ability to use elemental bursts consistently, buffing her team while dealing AoE damage to enemies.

The lance's bonus effect already gives her a 6.7 percent recharge boost, an acceptable drop when its skill is taken into account. The Favonius Lance gives you the best of both worlds, a slow trickle of energy accompanied by large drops that immediately let you charge into battle and buff your teammates. Being a four-star weapon, this is the most balanced weapon in terms of easy acquisition and utility.

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