Genshin Impact – Ganyu Build Guide

Yes, the Dragonspine region is available right now in Genshin Impact on all platforms, finally, and with it comes a couple of new characters, a whole host of new quests, challenges, dungeons, and much more. If you jumped into the latest Genshin Impact banner this morning and tried your hand at pulling some of the new items and characters, then you just may have landed yourself Ganyu, a powerful fighter from Liyue.

Ganyu is a very cool and stylish Bow-wielder that can make for an excellent addition to your team, if you build her properly with the weapons and artifacts that complement her playstyle then you’re assured to make an impact (heh) whenever you send her into battle. If you need more information on Ganyu’s talents and what to equip her with, just read our tips below.

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Best Weapon For Ganyu In Genshin Impact

Ganyu, as mentioned above, is a Bow-wielder, which basically cements her as a long-range fighter that would prefer not to get her hands dirty, though this works out perfectly well. Ganyu is at her best when distracting opponents with her Skill, which leaves a lotus for opponents to attack in her wake while she dashes back, and then dealing Cryo damage from a distance. Her Burst attack also backs this up, as it rains Cryo damage down onto the battlefield.

Combine all of these factors, and it makes it clear that Ganyu is a Cryo fighter that should focus on being a DPS, in addition to inflicting those damaging elemental reactions. As such, two bows are excellent four-star weapons for Ganyu, both the Sacrificial Bow, and The Stringless. The Sacrificial Bow will allow you to use your Skill much more often, while The Stringless can make that damaging Burst attack even more devastating.

If you want a truly powerful five-star weapon, then the Amos’ Bow is a good choice, as it boosts ranged damage, allowing Ganyu to continue to stay at a distance, regardless of what enemy she’s up against.

Best Artifacts For Ganyu In Genshin Impact

I’m actually stuck between two different artifact sets for Ganyu, so bear with me. The first suggestion is the Glacier and Snowfield, which boosts cryo damage by 15% with two pieces of the set, and can increase Superconduct damage by 100% (!), Melt by 15%, and using a Burst increases Cryo damage by 30% for 10 seconds. Truly insane numbers, and has amazing results if you have Electro and Pyro party members. Here are the pieces you need…

  • Goblet of the North Wind
  • Glacial Crown
  • Glacial Heart
  • Snowy Feather Accessory
  • Ice Hourglass

The other set I recommend is the Noblesse Oblige. It’s less specific but will offer a big Burst damage buff of 20% with two pieces, and four pieces will give your party an extra 20% attack for 12 seconds. Not bad at all, but if you’re aiming for elemental reactions, the Glacier and Snowfield works better. Here are the pieces that make up Noblesse Oblige…

  • Royal Silver Urn
  • Royal Masque
  • Royal Flora
  • Royal Plume
  • Royal Pocket Watch

Equip your Ganyu with these items and you’ll be prepared for all the battles that lie ahead.

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