Genshin Impact: How To Unlock City Of The Deceased Domain

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One of the best parts about Genshin Impact is its open-world exploration that gives you a ton of Primogems, mora, and other items. While exploring Teyvat, you'll find two different types of Domain. The first kind of domain will let you finish them as many times as you want, and you can redeem the rewards using Original Resin.

City of the Deceased is a different type of domain that can be finished only once for decent rewards including Primogems. You can see this domain on the eastern side of the Desert of Hadramaveth, and it has a symbol on it signifying that it's underground.

How To Find City Of The Deceased Domain

The domain you're looking for is marked on the map above, and you have to start your journey by teleporting to the Waypoint marked by the arrow. This Waypoint is located directly below the Setekh Wenut World Boss, and you can reveal both the Waypoint and the World Boss after activating the Statue of the Seven in the area.

After teleporting, head over to the hole right above Setekh Wenut and go in it. Make sure you use your Wind glider to go out of the Wenut's aggro radius. As you're falling, you will see three different paths around the boss. You have to head to the path on the right side that will have a Seelie on it if you haven't followed it to its home yet.

This Seelie is very important when it comes to opening the City of the Deceased domain. As you start following it, it'll lead you through a bunch of chests and time-limited challenges that you can finish for some Primogems. After a bit, the Seelie will randomly go under the ground and it will also open a new hole for you.

If you're following the Seelie very closely, be ready to open your Windglider since you'll fall into this hole suddenly, and your character might lose all the health from fall damage.

As you go to a level lower using this hole, follow the Seelie to its final home. Once it has settled in and given you a Common Chest, you can keep following the path downward. It's recommended to take a strong team down this path because you'll encounter a lot of Fungi and Scorpions on the way. Alternatively, you can also simply ignore them.

Keep following this path until you reach the room shown above, where you'll be greeted by a giant Electro Scorpion. This enemy is very tanky and you can defeat it before proceeding if you feel like it. Sometimes, this enemy will spawn an Electro mechanism nearby that can be attacked with Electro.

After charging this mechanism fully, the scorpion goes into a vulnerable state where it takes increased damage. When the enemy is not in a vulnerable state, it has a high resistance to every element. After defeating the scorpion, you can head into the giant room and find the grapples at the end on the right side leading you to a path above.

This room also has a difficult Obelisk puzzle, and there's a solution for that below. Although, you don't need to solve this puzzle to get to the domain.

Once you get to the top, follow the path and it'll get divided into two different paths. The left side will have a Dendro Monument that will take you back to the main room upon activation, and the right side will have a hole that will take you further down in the tunnels. Drop down the hole and follow the path until you see an Anemo monument.

You have to defeat a bunch of enemies that look like snakes including a giant one that can be defeated similarly to the Scorpion before. After defeating the enemies, you can activate the Anemo Monument and it will take you to the floor with the domain on it. In this location, you have to hit four torches with Pyro and activate the button to bring out the domain.

While there are some other ways to get to the City of the Deceased domain, this one also opens the different parts of Wenut Tunnels, which will make it easier to explore this area later. This is always a blessing since it's quite hard to navigate through the underground area of the Desert.

City Of The Deceased Domain Walkthrough

Once the domain comes up after the torch puzzle, you can interact with it to use it as a Teleport point later. Moreover, you can also go through the domain to get 40 Primogems, five Dendro Sigils, a random four-star artifact, talent books, EXP material, and mora. As you enter the domain, you'll find yourself in a place similar to the ruins of the Sumeru Desert.

In the domain, you have to finish multiple time-limited puzzles to progress. One of these puzzles will have you claim a bunch of Dendro points, and the other one will let you fight a few enemies. These puzzles will give you a chest as a reward, which will give you some more Primogems apart from the 40 in the domain.

In the final room, you'll constantly fight waves of Fungi and Slimes that will spawn one after the other. It's recommended to bring Anemo crowd controllers like Kazuha, Venti, or Sucrose along with AoE reaction teams to finish this domain quickly. Once you've defeated all the waves, a Precious Chest will give you the rewards. There will also be a portal leading you back out of the domain.

How To Solve The Obelisk Puzzle In Wenut Tunnels

Alongside the Desert of Hadramaveth, Genshin Impact introduced a new puzzle in the game with the Withered Obelisks. These involve different rock structures with certain blue symbols on top. In this puzzle, you have two types of Obelisks: one can change symbols when you hit them, and the other has permanent symbols.

To solve the puzzle, you have to match the symbols on both these types of Obelisks. As you enter the giant room, you'll see three locked Dendro monuments with Obelisks around them. The first one will be on your left side with only one stone. Get to this Obelisk and look directly in front of where it's facing.

As shown in the picture above, you'll see another single Obelisk with a certain symbol on it, and you have to match that symbol on this stone as well. This will unlock the Dendro Monument beside it.

Once you're done with the first monument, keep heading through the left side of the room and you'll find the second monument with two Obelisks beside it. The required Obelisk with the permanent symbol for this group will again be right in front of them at a distance, but one of them will be covered in a pile of sand.

You'll have to head over to the Obelisk marked in the picture above and take off the sand pile using Anemo, and then you can match the symbols on the stones beside Dendro Monument.

Finally, there'll be the final Obelisk puzzle in the middle of the room with three Obelisk. As shown in the picture, you'll find the three permanent symbol Obelisks right above them, and unlock this monument upon solving the puzzle. Once all three monuments are unlocked, the next step is to activate them in the right order.

You have to activate these monuments according to the number of Obelisks beside them. Essentially, the monument with one Obelisk will be activated first, the one with two of them will be second, and the middle monument will be third. Upon activating them in the correct order, you'll get your reward. Although, it might not be as good as you thought.

You'll only get an Exquisite Chest after solving this entire puzzle, but there is another Exquisite Chest that spawns upon defeating the giant Electro Scorpion in the area.

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