Genshin Impact: Liyue’s Geoculus Locations – Minlin

In Genshin Impact, Geoculi are found across the Liyue territory to be offered up at any of the Statues of the Seven found throughout that land. As there are too many Geoculi to cram into one article, we’ve broken Liyue up into regions.

This walkthrough focuses on Minlin, which lies West of the Quiongji Estuary and contributes 37 Geoculus locations to the grand total of 131 locations across all of Liyue.

Jueyun Karst

  1. After crossing the bridge from the Guili Plains, the first Geoculus is directly North, suspended above a rock along Minlin’s East Coast. You can use the Geo Traveler skill to reach it or glide from the Wangshu Inn in the Bishui Plains region of Liyue.
  2. Continue up the coast a short way until you reach an old dock house with a Geoculus suspended above it.
  3. Head slightly Southward inland and look for an underground cave built into stone walls and a wooden cover overgrown in hanging shrubbery. The Geoculus is inside the cave over to the right.
  4. Another Geoculus hangs high in the air directly south of the cave, just off of a little ledge with a stump on top. You can use this ledge to jump and reach it.
  5. Head West until you reach another set of ruins. You’ll see a Geoculus hanging high in mid-air. Make your way to the second floor of the ruins nearby, where you’ll be able to reach it but be prepared to fight a couple of Ruin Guards.
  6. Continue South back towards the road leading into Jueyun Karst. Following the road, you’ll see a Geoculus suspended high in the air above a steep rock pinnacle.
  7. Start West again, and you’ll come across another Geoculus suspended above a tall mountain range.
  8. Southwest, at the foot of the mountain on the road to Juen Karst, there is a Geoculus over the roof of a wooden house. It is obscured by a tree that grows next to the house.
  9. Following the road through Juen Karst, another Geoculus hovers above the pagoda between the two rope bridges.
  10. At the Northernmost point of the pool at Juen Karst is an altar where you’ll need to defeat a mob of enemies and flip the two switches to drain the water.
  11. Back on the road, continue up to the bridge leading to Qingyun Peak. Below, you will find a Geoculus.
  12. If you jump off this bridge down the waterfall, you will find a Geoculus in a pit at the bottom.

Qingyun Peak

  1. In the valley at the Southern base of Qingyun Peak, West of Juen Karst, there is a lone Geoculus hidden mid-air in the depths of a ravine. In addition, there is a fallen log wedged between the cliffs that acts as a bridge nearby.
  2. There is one Geoculus that is puzzle-locked atop a floating island high above the pinnacle of Qingyun Peak. Here’s our guide to The Three Divine Birds puzzle in Genshin Impact if you haven’t solved it yet.
  3. Down the Northeast slopes of Qingyun Peak, a Geoculus is tucked away in an alcove at the stream’s end.
  4. Heading Southeast along the ridge, another Geoculus balances partway up the cliffside above a red tent. You can either glide down to it or climb up the cliffs.
  5. North-Northwest of the last location, yet another Geoculus resides on a mountaintop. It’s widely recommended to use Lisa for the climb.
  6. To the Northeast, a Geoculus sits in the open atop a rock along the shoreline.

Mt. Aozang

  1. Due West of the last location, a gigantic tree grows on the foot of Mt. Aozang. Climb the tree and glide to the Geoculus suspended between the ginormous branches.
  2. Atop Mt. Aozang, there is a Geoculus on the Northern cliff face. If you run to the end of the beaten path and scale the tall boulder closest to the ledge, you’ll find it on top.
  3. While this location appears on Mt. Aozang, it is actually a cave under the mountain, accessible from the lake in the Huaguang Stone Forest.

Huaguang Stone Forest

  1. A Geoculus hangs in between the stone ledges of Mt. Aozang and Huaguang Stone Forest. It’s easiest to access from the Southern slopes of Mt Aozang.
  2. Opposite the slopes of Mt. Aozang, another Geoculus hangs mid-air just off the slopes of Qingyun Peak. It’s suspended above the network of rope bridges in Huaguang Stone Forest.
  3. Just West of the slopes of Qingyun Peak, a Geoculus hangs low in the chasm of the forest. Your closest launch pad to glide to it would probably be the landing midway between Qingyun Peak and Mt. Aozang.
  4. On the large cliff landing, you will see a clover windmill perched on top of a rock on the forest’s topmost peninsula. You can use the Anemo skill or try traversing the cliffside up to where the Geoculus sits.
  5. Directly West on the large rock island, the last Geoculus in Huaguang Stone Forest shares its roost with a nest of bird eggs.

Mt. Hulao

  1. Starting with the Northernmost location, there is a Geoculus down a deep pit next to Mt Hulao’s Divine Bird statue.
  2. From Mt. Hulao’s teleport location, you can glide down onto the roof of a small pagoda to grab the Geoculus that hovers there.
  3. Climbing to the top of the mountain, a Geoculus is perched atop a steep boulder near the mountaintop lake.
  4. To the East, glide from the top of the waterfall down the cliffside to find a Geoculus hanging mid-air.
  5. These next two you can swipe in one go by gliding again from Mt Hulao’s teleport point. The first is almost directly due East, mid-air over a small peninsula. Be warned you’ll have to drop quite a ways, but the Geoculus is still so high up it hangs amidst clouds.
  6. The second hangs almost directly below the one hanging in the clouds when gliding. This Geoculus you could see from the ground, just above a pond with lily pads and a fallen log.

Cuijue Slope

  1. On the peak of Cuijue Slope, a Geoculus is perched atop a dead birch tree.
  2. The other Geoculus on Cuijue Slope is to the Northwest atop one of the lowest placed Geo pillars in the vicinity, near the lakes.

Nantianman & Tianqiu Valley

  1. Just past Nantianman, heading into the Tianqiu Valley, a Geoculus hangs above a broken bridge in the waterlogged ruins. You can glide to it from surrounding cliffs, use the Geo Skill to climb up to it, or use Venti’s Embrace of The Winds ability to float up to it.
  2. South of that location, another Geoculus sits atop another ruin, underneath a large tree.
  3. Far to the Southeast, the last Geoculus dwells inside the lowest level of a decrepit tower. You’ll have to climb up and drop inside.

That is all 37 Geoculus locations in Minlin. If you are having issues locating Geoculus in other regions, check our Geoculus location guides in the Bishui Plains, Quiongji Estuary, Lisha, and the Sea of Clouds.

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