Genshin Impact: Noelle Talent And Ascension Materials

Noelle is a dependable young woman who serves as the Maid of the Knights of Favonius. However, she isn't just a maid — she holds a Geo Vision and wields a massive Claymore.

Noelle makes for a great team member, often filling a support role due to her ability to heal and create shields. But, she can also make for a great main DPS character. Here's what you'll need to level her up to her maximum potential.

Leveling Materials

Every Genshin Impact character requires the same amount of EXP to reach level 90, including Noelle. The total EXP required is 8,362,650, much of which will likely come from EXP materials. Here's a combination of Mora and EXP materials that will add up to more than enough to reach level 90:

Wanderer's Advice12
Adventurer's Experience15
Hero's Wit414
Mora Cost1,673,400

Noelle's Ascension Cost and Item Locations

At levels 20, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80, you'll need to ascend Noelle in order to level up her further. These ascensions cost Mora, gemstones, and other items. As for gemstones, you'll need Prithiva Topaz, which can be obtained by defeating several different bosses, completing daily commissions, and more. Here how many of each Noelle will need to reach level 90:

Prithiva Topez Sliver1
Prithiva Topez Fragment9
Prithiva Topez Chunk9
Prithiva Topez Gemstone6

Other than the gemstones, here's what you'll need to ascend Noelle:

Basalt Pillar46
Damaged Mask18
Stained Mask30
Ominous Mask36

Noelle requires the various levels of masks that are dropped by Hilichurls, Samachurls, Lawachurls, and Mitachurls. She also needs Basalt Pillars, which can be obtained by defeating the Geo Hypostasis on the Guyun Stone Forest islands.

Last, you'll need 168 Valberries in total, which can be found around Mondstadt, especially in the Stormbearer Mountains. They're also sold by Chloris, who wanders around Windrise, and can be grown in your Serenitea Pot.

Noelle's Talent Materials

You can level up Noelle's individual talents, as well. This, of course, has a cost. To reach level 15 in her talents, you'll need to obtain her Stella Fortuna enough times to unlock her constellation to level five. Otherwise, here's what you need:

Teachings of Resistance9
Guide to Resistance63
Philosophies of Resistance114
Damaged Mask18
Stained Mask66
Ominous Mask93
Dvalin's Claw18
Crown of Insight3

The talent scrolls, Teachings of Resistance, Guide to Resistance, and Philosophies can be found mainly by clearing the Forsaken Rift trial on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Dvalin's Claw is an item that is dropped by Dvalin/Stormterror when you defeat him in his Trounce Domain. You need to fight him on level 70 or higher for this item to drop.

Crowns of Insight are special items that are very rare. You can obtain them in special events, or earn a few of them by leveling up the Sacred Sakura's Favor or the Frostbearing Tree's Gratitude.

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