Genshin Impact Player Accidentally Teleports Chongyun To Skyrim

Genshin Impact, the gacha game that’s been making waves on the internet since its release in September, looks to be getting a lot more medieval. A must-see fan edit has taken advantage of the game’s teleportation scene to show one of the characters accidentally teleporting themselves into the world of Skyrim. Talk about taking a wrong turn!

The hilarious video, posted to Reddit, shows Genshin’s Chongyun going through the animation of teleporting, and after a brief flash, the infamous opening to Skyrim begins. With Skyrim’s opening showing a first-person scene that has the player waking up in a prison cart, the edit makes for an entertaining crossover. Though, Chongyun may not find the world of Skyrim too entertaining.

Of course, neither of these games are strangers to being the subject of memes. The opening to Skyrim has been a source of inspiration for many editors on the internet. Any day of the week you can find a ton of memes based on the “You’re finally awake” scene. Similarly, Genshin Impact has become a hilarious source for memes since its debut with some being easy to follow and others requiring a deep understanding and love for the game.

What’s great about this particular edit is how well it utilizes the humor of the meme in a narrative sense. Obviously, the 2020 released Genshin Impact is graphically different from the nine year old Skyrim, but the way the teleporting scene ends in a flash and Skyrim opens with the character waking up to be greeted by fellow prisoners is pretty great. I mean, who knows, perhaps Genshin Impact is all meant to be a fever-dream produced by the Dragonborn in a prison cart. Or maybe Chongyun has been traveling through Tamriel this whole time!  Crazier things have happened.

In any case, it looks like Genshin Impact is here to make its mark on the internet. Whether you’re already familiar with the game or completely unaware it, it’s definitely one worth checking out, if only to get a better understanding of the memes.

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