Genshin Impact Summon Simulator — How Likely Are You To Get 5 Star Characters?

If you’re curious about how likely you are to pull a 5-star character like Diluc, Jean, or Keqing from packs, you’ll probably want to check out a Genshin Impact summon simulator.

For those unsure what this means, Genshin Impact summon simulators are special programs designed to emulate the rolling experience. What this means is that they take Genshin Impact’s gacha structure — or its Wish system, which is based on spending Primogems and Fates on microtransaction-like packs — and allow you to roll for free. The downside is that you obviously don’t get these characters in-game. However, you do gain a decent insight into how likely — or unlikely — you are to unlock them when it comes to the real deal.

Here’s everything you need to know about what a Genshin Impact summon simulator is, as well as why using one is worthwhile.

Genshin Impact Summon Simulator — How Likely Are You To Get 5 Star Characters?

I have personally spent some time playing around with two separate Genshin Impact summon simulators. I originally just used one, but consulted the second one to corroborate the likelihoods I was seeing and ensure that the algorithm I was witnessing was an accurate depiction of the real one.

The first Genshin Impact summon simulator I used returned results I was pretty much expecting. It took me 90 rolls of 10-fate packs to get a 5-star. Fortunately, it was Diluc, arguably the most desirable character unlock in the entire game. Unfortunately, this is a simulator and I still can’t actually play as him.

On the next roll I got Fischl — a 4-star character, sure, but one who is better than several 5-star ones. This was sheer luck: I could have gotten any 4-star character or weapon here. I just happened to get a good one. Bear in mind this is at 100 rolls now, and we’ve only seen two worthwhile character pulls — even if they were within ten rolls of one another, it’s still an average of one good fighter per 50 Fates. It took another 130 rolls after this to get Mona, meaning from 230 rolls, I got three “top-tier” pulls. That’s pretty shit.

I tried another Genshin Impact summon simulator and also got my first decent pull after exactly 90 rolls. This time it was Jean, the Anemo-based support character and Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. I got a 5-star weapon — the Skyward Spine polearm — 80 rolls later. The next 90 rolls were pretty terrible, but then I got two 5-star swords, a 4-star sword, and Barbara in a single 10-pull. It’s worth noting that this was after 270 pulls in this simulator — and exactly 500 across both — but it appears that you can get multiple 5-star weapons or characters in a single batch of ten rolls. You just have to be immensely lucky.

I think the value of this is seeing that yes, you can get some pretty decent characters from Wishes. In 500 rolls I got three 5-star characters and three 5-star weapons. But 500 Wishes is a lot. Bear in mind that 980 Primogems is $14.99, and that it costs 1600 Primogems to roll a ten-pack. We rolled 50 ten-packs — that’s that’s $750.

Using a Genshin Impact summon simulator shows you that sure, it’s possible to get good rolls. But it also shows you how much money it could potentially take before luck is finally on your side — and, as you can see above, sometimes that is a lot.

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