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In Gerda: A Flame In Winter, you play as Gerda Larsen who is a nurse living in Tinglev, Denmark under German Occupation in WWII. As a nurse, Gerda has dedicated her time to helping all those who seek her help. She aids Dr. Harald, who is the primary physician at the Clinic and can be hostile at times.

He has also managed to obtain a vial of experimental Penicillin, which has tremendous medical value. However, several parties have learned that the Penicillin exists and seek to obtain it for their own uses. This comes to a head where Gerda needs to break into the Clinic and determine who gets the Penicillin.

Chance Encounters To The Clinic

The happens at the end of the second day, upon which Gerda will become involved in one of two encounters. In the first, she'll come across two children fighting, a Dane and a German. She'll have to get involved in order to resolve their conflict.

There's very little to gain here, as talking to either of the children has the chance to either raise or lower her standing with the Dane and German Factions. Choose one to lean towards, otherwise you'll likely end up back where you started. Examining the tree will reveal proof that the children are good friends.

The second encounter shows three German soldiers on a road with a cart. It's revealed that they are deserters who have robbed Danish homes to fund their new lives. Eventually, a German patrol will show up to question what's happening.

You can use your Wit in order to gain some Premium Goods from the cart (at the cost of Dane Faction standing) to get the patrol to go away and let the soldiers go on with their business.

The Clinic Guide

When you arrive at the Clinic, you'll have three choices: Go with Peter (Dane), Reinhardt (German), or go alone.

No matter which you pick, the layout of the clinic will always be the same and lead to the same event. If you go with one of the men, the Penicillin will go with them, and you'll earn Trust with them.

A good way to get into the clinic is through the Kitchen window on the right side of the building. This will make a little noise which will fill up the Noise Meter that will wake up Harald when it fills up. In the Kitchen, open the cabinet to get a Flashlight. In the lobby, there are some places to search but none of them are helpful, since you came in through the Kitchen.

Enter the Operating Room to see some other search spots. Check the Shelf to get a Key to the Doctor's Study. Then, check the Medicine Cabinet to get some Tranquilizers for later. In the Study, ignore the Doctor's Desk and search the Bookshelf. This will get you a Key to the Depot where the Penicillin lies.

Head to the Depot in order to get the Penicillin from another Medicine Cabinet. No matter how you went in, a scene will play out: Peter and Reinhardt will run into each other. They will start fighting, and you'll need to pick a side to help. If you don't, Dr. Harald will arrive and get shot in the ensuing commotion. After this plays out, you'll be able to leave.

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