Ghostwire Tokyo: Every Outfit, Ranked

Preparing for battle isn’t just throwing on whatever’s available and bringing your best spells along with you. It’s making an impact by wearing the most stylish outfits out there, or in Ghostwire Tokyo, the slickest fit in Tokyo. Ghostwire’s protagonist Akito Izuki understands this to its fullest, always making appropriate time to put on his best clothes.

Akito’s closet offers a lot to saunter through and the ability to mix and match what shoes, accessories, and shirts you want to pair together. Even though the game plays out in first person, and therefore you’ll only notice these changes during cutscenes, it’s still nice to know you look dashing.

7 Biker

A Biker outfit sounds better in theory than its visual execution, which includes a helmet that doesn't look like it fits with the rest of the outfit. Though, one of the better things about the Biker style is that you can change the color of the suit to breathe life into a basic design. Blues, reds, yellows, pinks, or a gold tint are among the options, granting a few ways to alter the look of Akito.

However, it's still the weakest complete outfit in Ghostwire Tokyo. Unlike other clothes options in the game, which present unique ideas and flashy results, the Biker set doesn't do much to set itself apart.

6 Biker, No Helmet

Unlike the Biker set, including a helmet, the one with Akito's face exposed proves to be better. There's no longer the strangeness of the helmet, which looks to belong to a different outfit entirely, which in turn makes the suit feel whole.

Both Biker versions feature primarily green fabric with black undertones. The gloves are some type of leather, blending into the jacket's sleeves. And from certain angles, it looks like a raincoat turned jumpsuit because of the style of the fabric and the front design. It's interesting how a minor alteration such as removing the helmet on a suit can make the overall look much better and how even other outfit elements are elevated because of this.

5 Officer

Spirits walking the streets of Tokyo don't care what you're wearing since it seems clothing doesn't hold as much weight past the veil. While wearing the Officer outfit, it'll feel pretty different from the other ones available to you since it's directly inspired by KK and not Akito.

During cutscenes, it'll make Akito seem like a different person as it's vastly different from the other outfits that are instead focused on making the player look cool. The Officer outfit is heavily inspired by the uniforms Police in Japan wear, with very few liberties taken to change the design.

4 Fallout 4 Vault Suit

Games love to mention other games, especially so when it's another name under the developer's belt. Upon completion of a side quest titled The Crimson Moon, you'll receive some rewards, one of which is the Fallout 4 Vault suit, so chances are you'll unlock it while playing through the game.

The Vault suit is a pitch-perfect replica of the actual suits from Fallout, making Akito appear as though he's the sole survivor of Tokyo when he's prowling the streets with the suit equipped. The Vault suit brings pieces of Sci-Fi into the fantasy-trodden city of Ghostwire Tokyo.

3 Shinobi

The Shinobi outfit is the most interesting of the bunch as it's the go-to for the stealthy player. Described as being for the modern ninja, Shinobi is fantastic for hiding in the shadows and staying on your guard. Wearing this outfit also alters your bow and arrow, which is perhaps the most intriguing aspect.

Shinobi is a more casually styled look with oversized baggy clothes, orange accents on the chest, and a fishnet pattern on the middle part of the arms. Akito will also wear a black face mask while the suit is equipped.

2 Taiko Drummer

With all the stress Akito and KK must endure during the story events, it's a relief to see them wearing something more casual. The Taiko Drummer is a casually styled outfit with dark red long baggy shorts and a gray and black sleeveless shirt above.

Taiko Drummer also includes an accessory atop Akito's head, which is uncommon for most other outfit sets in the game. Even the description makes the outfit an instant stress reliever as it states to be perfect for "letting loose on stage."

1 Hannya

Inspired by the character of the same name, the Hannya outfit lets you dress like your greatest foe and look intimidating at the same time. From the moment the first trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo dropped, players knew Hannya's look would stay the most recognizable, so it only makes sense that Akito then gets to don the outfit later down the line.

Hannya consists of an oversized jacket with skin-tight sleeves, long baggy cargo pants, and a white mask with pitiless eyes. On paper, it sounds like the perfect match for someone looking to intimidate others, and its execution does this concept justice.

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