GLaDOS Actor "Wants To Do A Portal 3", Tells Fans To Email Valve

Valve has turned itself off it can seem, twisting the valve shut on the possibility of sequels to its two most beloved series: Half-Life and Portal. The latter takes place in the Half-Life universe but was a smaller, funnier, and more considered game. Players loved Portal and the feeling only increased with the sequel. Fans have been waiting on signs of Portal 3 ever since, and while Valve remains pretty quiet on the subject someone that was involved in the project has spoken up about Portal 3.

That would be Portal and Portal 2 GLaDOS actor Ellen McLain who has said she "wants to do a Portal 3" (thanks PCGamesN). McLain provided the memorable voice for GLaDOS and who also lent her vocals to the Portal songs "Still Alive" and "Want You Gone". Speaking on the podcast Kiwi Talkz on YouTube, the American voice actor, voice coach, and singer said fans wanting Portal 3 have her "blessing".

"Write in, email Valve," McLain said. "You've got my blessing. Say 'Ellen wants to do a Portal 3'".

Portal 2 launched in 2011 and has become one of the most critically successful games Valve has ever made, while fans of the equally great Half-Life 2 were treated to the tantalising possibility that we could get a portal gun in a Half-Life sequel. This hasn't materialised and fans have been lefting wanting for proper sequels to either series, although we have seen Aperture Desk Job and the VR title Half-Life: Alyx to somewhat tide things over.

As for Portal 2, McLain also spoke about her involvement and how unique it was. "Usually a voice actor is one of the last things to be added to a game," she said in the podcast.

"But with Portal 2, since the creators were so used to hearing my voice, they brought me in at the very beginning of the process because they didn't want to listen to anybody else. Normally they would have a stand-in voice. They didn't do that with Portal 2".

Perhaps fans could heed McLain's urging, and email in, although Valve must be aware of the wishes for Half-Life 3 and Portal 3, but maybe it's worth another try. In other related news, some concept art for Half-Life 3 recently surfaced.

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