God Of War Ragnarok Covers Make Your PS5 Ready For Fimbulwinter

The launch of God Of War Ragnarok is exactly two months away, arriving during what is set to be the busiest week of the year for new games. If all of your attention is going to be focused on Ragnarok, then a couple of dedicated and incredibly imaginative fans have created a beautiful PS5 case perfect for the occasion.

Well, technically they've created two. One has been made for players who have their PS5 standing vertically, and an alternate case for anyone who keeps their console horizontal. Honestly, the two Ragnarok cases are so different, the way you store your PS5 moving forward may well hinge on which one of these designs you prefer.

The minds behind these intricately created cases are Anderson and Débora. As first highlighted by Eurogamer, the pair shared both of their Ragnarok designs on Instagram and you can check them out below. The vertical design includes an emblem with father and son wolves on it, as well as some runes lifted straight from the games.


The biggest difference between that and the horizontal version is the massive hammer the latter comes with. Designed so it looks like Thor has attempted to bash your PS5 to bits, the hammer is based on the one shown at the God of Thunder's hip in a recent trailer for Ragnarok. The best news of all is this isn't just concept art. Both designs will be available to buy, but only 40 of each will be created. They're also pretty pricy at around £400 each, but as is evident from the photos, a tremendous amount of work will have gone into designing and creating them.


God of War Ragnarok launches exclusively on PlayStation on November 9, 2022, just one day after Sonic Frontiers and nine days before Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Unlike the first game, all nine realms will be open for exploration, and the previously inaccessible Svartelheim was shown off for the first time in 4K earlier this week.

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