God Of War Ragnarok, In Service Of Asgard Walkthrough

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  • Radsvinn’s Rig
  • Althjof’s Rig
  • Modvitner’s Rig

In Service Of Asgard is the first big side quest you are given in God of War Ragnarok. The primary objective is to shut down the three mining rigs. Radsvinn’s Rig is essentially a giant brawl, where you will fight waves of enemies. Althjof’s Rig, on the other hand, is much more focused on puzzle-platforming. Finally, Modvitner’s Rig is a bit of both. You can shut down these rigs in any order you do choose. So, don't feel obligated to complete them in the order they are listed in this guide.

One thing worth noting is that these mining rigs are loaded with content. There are ravens to kill, Nornir chests to open, and tons of treasure to be had. And that isn't even counting the incredibly generous rewards you receive from shutting down each furnace! We'll help guide you through this rig, and ensure you don't get hung up in the process.

Radsvinn’s Rig

This will be the most right-most of the rigs in the Bay Of Bounty. You can follow the stack of smoke in the sky in order to guide you to this rig. Once you arrive, you are going to deal with a giant batch of enemies. This starts with a healthy smattering of Grims, and will eventually expand to include Nightmares as well. Once the Nightmares arrive, you should focus on them, as they are extraordinarily dangerous when they get close. Stay mobile here. The rig has multiple levels, and there are tons of explosive casks littering the ground. Once you have finished beating down monsters, the fun is just beginning.

There is a Nornir Chest here. The first Nornir rune is immediately to your left. Ignite the brazier with your Blades of Chaos. Now, travel along the wall on the left side of the rig. Destroy all the debris you encounter as you go. By doing so, you will eventually uncover a hole in the left wall that was concealed by junk. Once you destroy it, you will be able to reach the second rune. Before you go find the next rune, keep traveling along the left wall. There is also a chest nearby and a Lore Scroll.

Finally, the last rune is concealed behind a gate. While you won’t be able to get your Blades of Chaos through it, there is an explosive pot in the caged area with it. Climb up to the top platform; and then throw your axe at the pot. Now you will be able to open the treasure chest and grab the Idunn Apple. Now all that is left to do is to destroy the furnace. This will reward you with Nidavellir Ore, a ton of Hacksilver, and two pieces of Forged Iron. Before you leave, make sure to take out the raven hanging out on the crane.

Althjof’s Rig

Althjof’s Rig is the northernmost mining rig. It is also the rig that focuses the most on puzzles. The moment you climb up to the main floor, you will be greeted by one of Odin’s Ravens on your left. Take it out. Now, you will see a giant wheel you can spin. Use it to lower the platform so that the grapple point is just above your head. Then, use Kratos’ Blades of Chaos to yank the front platform down. You will now be able to zip across to the other side by using your Blades of Chaos.

Once you cross the gap, there will be a chest on your right. You should see a red door nearby with a barrel sitting in front of it; ignite the barrel with your Blades of Chaos to blow that door to pieces. You will enter into an area with a cracked slab floor. We'll come back to that in a moment. Look for a spot on the nearby wall that you can climb up. Hop up there, shove open the gate, and drop down into an area with three red doors and a barrel. Exploding the barrel will take all of them out. One door leads to the entrance, the other to the room with the fractured slab floor, and the other is where you want to go. Climb up, and you will be above the slab. Slam through it. You will fight some Draugrs. Once you clear them out, open the chest. There is also some lore text on the wall.

Next, climb up to the main floor above, and use the wheel to drop the grappling point to the lowest setting. Jump back down again and grapple across to the chest. Open it and get some more Forged Iron. There is some lore text down here, so make sure you read it. Grapple the bottom of the platform, and yank it upward. Also, go back to that wheel one more time and raise the grapple point to the second-highest setting. This will allow you to grapple over to the rig. You will fight a few Draugrs and a Grim or two before shutting down the furnace and getting the Nidavellir Ore, two Rawhides, and the hefty sack of coins.

But you aren’t done! Up here you will find a couple of barrels that have that green mark. Shoot them with Atreus, then shimmy around the corner. Now, kick down the chain, and you will be back at the entrance. And, for one last time, we are going to use that wheel again. Heave it all the way up to the top and climb back up the chain you just kicked down. Look at the grapple point; you should be facing a cracked stone wall. Grapple across, then aim your Blades of Chaos at the wall while in slow motion. You will break through the slab. Here you will find a Lore Scroll and a legendary chest. Open up the legendary chest and get the Njord’s Tempest accessory for your axe.

Modvitner’s Rig

Modvitner’s Rig is on the left side of the bay. Once you get on the beach, you are going to be attacked by Wretches. This is going to be a running theme. Hop up to the platform above, hit the golden target with your axe, and start climbing up the giant wooden structure. Once you get to the top, you will kill some more Wretches, and you will be able to open a chest to get a Muspelheim Seed Half (this will give you the quest “The Crucible”). You should be able to hear the barking lizard at this point. While on this platform, you will have a clear shot at them through a hole in the wall. Let your axe fly, friend. Now, hop down to where the barking lizard was, read the Lore Text, and collect the items the lizard dropped.

Jump back up and throw your axe at the target on the right side of the giant crane. Do it one more time, and it should turn it enough so that it is dangling over the gap, giving you a grappling point. Swing across and fight more Wretches. When you’ve finished them off, you will see a treasure chest across another gap. Hit the target on the crane again, swivel it over there. Now, just leap across, and you will lay claim to some more crafting materials.

Climb up the chain; you will be at the furnace already! Unfortunately, a Bergsra Mother is here to greet you. You can just wail on her with your weapons, but there are a number of exploding casks strewn about. It isn’t a terrible idea to lead her to one and then set it on fire. Now, shut down the mining rig and claim your Nidavellir Ore, two Slag Stones, and another hefty sack of coins! You will have officially cleansed Svartalfheim of these awful abominations. Better yet, you will have lined your pockets while doing so. Nice.

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