God Of War Ragnarok, Reunion Walkthrough

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God of War Ragnarok's Reunion sees Kratos and Atreus united at last. However, as you know, Atreus may have made a bit of a mess. Now it is time to clean it up. Garm is tearing holes in the fabric of time and space. You need to stop him. So, it is into the depths of Helheim you go.

Helheim is one of the more straightforward realms in Ragnarok. There is no version of the Lake of Nine here. However, there are still a number of valuables to collect, and a few ravens to kill. If you follow this guide, you should finish the Reunion quest having collected every valuable found in this inhospitable realm.


You will start by heading through the gate and heading for Helheim. Once you arrive, scale the wall and cross the gap. When you hop down you will be fighting off a whole squad of Hel-Walkers. Start by killing the one up high; they have a projectile, so your life will be easier if they are dead. Clear them out; then jump up to the platform where that projectile-throwing Hel-Walker was. Now, you will be able to see a number of those glowing spots that you need to destroy with your spear. Once you detonate all three, you will face off against another group of Hel-Walkers. After you beat them, you will be able to climb up to the stone wall.

Once you climb to the top, look for the raven. Take care of them, then look around for the chest. When you have cleared out this area, travel through the cave. Once you leave it, you will see one of those portals. Atreus will seal it when you are ready. However, this will also start a combat section.

You now have the Draupnir Spear. This is a remarkably effective weapon for hitting ravens out of the air, as you can rapid fire it.

The Gleaming Bale

After you give Atreus the okay, he will start sealing the rift. You will fight Hel-Walkers until Atreus completes the ritual. Once that happens, whatever Hel-Walkers are left will instantly die. Now, shimmy across the mostly destroyed stone bridge. You will reach a gate with a wheel. Before you turn the wheel, have Atreus fire a line of sigil arrows. When you have turned the wheel all the way, throw your axe at the left-most hex, causing a chain reaction of freezing effects.

Once you pass through the gate, you will square off against a number of Hel-Walkers. After you beat them, you will move forward a small amount, and then immediately fight another group accompanied by Nightmares. As always, take out the Nightmares first. Now, to your left there will be a place to drop down. Do so. You will be able to get a view of the spot that you need to throw your spear in order to cross the gap. It will be on your left. You will need to clear out a few more Hel-Walkers down here; after cleaning them up, jump back up and cross the gap.

Once you cross the gap you will be facing off another wave of Hel-Walkers. There will be projectile throwing Hel-Walkers to your left and to your right. Take them out first. When you have taken them out, fight the Hel-Walkers on the bridge. When you are done with them, go back to where you landed when you hopped over the gap, and open the Legendary Chest (this chest holds the "Tame The Beast" Runic Attack). Now, cross the bridge, hop down, and climb up to the next area. You will encounter Garm, but he'll run from you. What will be left is a pretty tough little battle with two Hel-Walkers.

This will be a battle with two Hel-Vikens. These are those super heavy-hitting Hel-Walkers with the giant weapons. Typically, these enemies are too slow to be too much of a threat, but you will be fighting them in an incredibly small area. So, this one can get pretty dicey. You are going to want to use your Blades of Chaos, as they will allow you to hit both simultaneously. On top of that, the one can only be damaged by fire-based weapons at first anyway, so you have little choice in the matter. Look for those parries, and make sure you avoid the unblockable attacks. If you can, do your best to keep both in view at all times, as you could otherwise get smacked in the back by an attack that takes half of your health.

Just remember that charging the fire on your Blades of Chaos will defend against projectiles. That can be useful in this encounter.

Once you beat the two Vikens, move through the gap in the wall. Then, drop down to the level below and grab the contents of the chest on your right. Now, you will fight two more Hel-Walkers on the bridge. These two will fight you with their fists, but they are easy to stun and bully. You will hop across a gap that is to your left on the bridge. Then, jump down to the level below. There is a coin purse near the corpse here. You will enter into the next area: the Shipyard of the Fallen.

Shipyard Of The Fallen

The first thing you are going to do is to fight a Hel-Traveller. Just like the normal Traveler, these enemies give you a ton of time to parry their attacks. Just look for the parry, dodge their unblockable attacks, and get distance when they charge their plunging attack. They do an absurd amount of damage if they manage to hit with one of their attacks, but all of them are so slow that you likely won't be hit too often. They do have a moderately fast lunging attack. However, they always dash backward before they perform this attack, so if you see them hop backward, just prepare to dodge to the side.

Once you beat the Hel-Traveller, you will have another wheel turning puzzle that is very similar to the first one. This time you will line the log above the gear with hexes using your sigil arrows. Then, once you fully turn the wheel, hit the hex showing with your axe and pass through the gate. There will be a red chest on your left. Progress forward, hop down to the level below, and pass through the cave. You will face off against a few more Hel-Walkers. Once you beat them, there will be some coin purses in this area to collect (including one in the nearby cave). Now, backtrack a little, and you will be able to see the spot for your spear on the wall across the way. Toss your spear at it, then hop across using it.

Once you cross the gap, there will be a coin purse and a Legendary Chest waiting for you. Next, shimmy around the ledge, and then hop down and fight the Hel-Walkers. When you have beaten them, you will move on and try to chain Garm. It won't go super well. You will now face off against the Legion troops. After you beat them, grab the chest on your right, and push forward.

Once you enter into the next area, there will be a spot for a spear. Hook around and toss a spear from across the room. Then, use it to hop up. You will now fight Nightmares, Legion Troops, and a Revenant. Take out the Nightmares first, and then focus on the Revenant. Just have Atreus pelt her with arrows and unload on her.

Boss Fight: Garm

You will not fight Garm for real. This giant wolf has a number of potent attacks, but most of them are parryable. So that is something, at least. In his first phase, Garm will attack you with a number of bite attacks. These are parryable, but a dodge will also work. However, when Garm reels back and lets out a growl, he will lunge forward with an unblockable attack that you need to dodge. You will be able to hit him after this attack, which will stagger him, and give you a chance to deal damage. He also has a projectile, where he will send a wave of cold air at you. This one is a pretty easy parry.

Once you hurt Garm enough, he will occasionally swing his chain at you vertically. This attack is unblockable, so you will need to dodge to the side. Once you dodge it, freeze the end of the chain, then grab it. You will be able to slam Garm down to the ground, stunning him and leaving him vulnerable. This will transition Garm into His second phase.

Garm's Second Phase

Garm gets a few new moves in his second phase. Firstly, he gets a second projectile attack; this one is completely unblockable, so you will need to roll away from it. He will also start swinging his chain at you horizontally. This attack is parryable. If you miss your parry, and block instead, the second swing won't come fast enough to hit you, so you can miss your first parry and still hit the second. Finally, his bite attacks are quicker, and he sends his icy wave projectile at you multiple times in a row now.

Just parry the chain swings and ice waves, while dodging the icicle projectile. You are still looking to dodge the unblockable bite attack and then reply with your own attack to stagger him. Once you have him down to about half health, Garm will finish his horizontal chain swipe combo with the vertical swing. Freeze the end and pull him down to the ground again. Once again, lay into him, and he will transition into his third phase.

Garm's Third Phase

Garm's third form is very similar to his second. The big change is that he will occasionally jump into the background and fire his unblockable projectile from the distance. Stop locking onto Garm and run to the side; none of his projectiles will be able to hit you. Then, when he jumps back into the arena, don't be in the glowing red area. Also, have your shield up. Now, continue to fight him as you were before. Once he uses that vertical chain attack, freeze the chain and take him down one more time. You will now finish the battle.

Heading Back Home

Once you beat Garm, head back on the main path. You will find a treasure chest on your right. You will now enter into another area with one of those gate puzzles. There is a legendary chest here; grab it. Have Atreus fire a sigil arrow at the stone exposed below the gate. Then pull the wheel. Now, line the next stone with two hexes. Once you pull the wheel all the way down, you will throw your axe at the bottom one, causing a chain reaction and freezing the gear.

Final Confrontation With Garm

However, it will turn out that Garm isn't done with you yet! Once you pass through the gate, you will be aggressively pursued by the hulking beast. You will now engage in a chase scene. It is all pretty much on rails. Occasionally you will fight a small group of Legion warriors. You will reach a point where Garm blocks your path; just toss a spear at the cuff on Garm's leg. The chase scene will end with a second confrontation with the massive wolf.

Don't worry, this isn't really a full fight. Garm uses all the same moves as before, but this time he will have a number of weak points that you can throw spears at. Hitting these weak points will do massive damage. He will heal mid-way through the fight. Atreus will then tell you to help him get on Garm. You will just need to knock Garm down one more time, and then press R3 near his collar. You will then have a short QTE segment, and the battle with Garm will be truly over.

You will now engage in a segment where you climb around, while talking with Atreus. This is all very linear and there is really nothing you can miss. Once you get to the end, you will enter into a wide-open area. Watch another cutscene, and you will then be pretty much done with Helheim. Once the cutscene concludes, look to the right of the place where you need to climb up. There is a hole for a spear, so toss one into it. Now climb up, travel to the right, and cross the gap using your spear. You will find a flower and start a new favor.

You will now encounter your final puzzle in Helheim. Just place a hex on both ends of the gear using Atreus' sigil arrows, and then freeze the bottom hex with your axe. Beyond the gate there is a Lore Tablet to read, and up above it, another raven to kill. Take a right, and you will speak to a giant bird who will tell you that you have six more gateways to close across the nine realms. Finally, head back past the Lore Tablet, and head straight. You will come to a ledge. Hop down and open the red chest. The gate is nearby. You have officially completed the Reunion section of the story. You will also have cleared out every collectible and treasure from Helheim.

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