Godfall Drops Official Launch Trailer In Q&A Session With YouTubers

Godfall is coming. When the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12, Godfall will hit both the next-gen console as well as PC via the Epic Games Store. And in the lead up to the looter-slasher’s release, we’re getting an official launch trailer and more details about the game thanks to a Q&A session with Arekkz and My Name Is Byf.

But first, the official launch trailer. Godfall hasn’t been too forthcoming with details on its story, instead choosing to focus on the looter-slasher action and incredible graphics courtesy of the PS5 and a partnership with AMD. But there is definitely a ton of lore to consume in Godfall, as the new trailer shows.

The trailer begins with a civil war between two brothers–Orin and Macros. Macros seems to come out the victor as he becomes the “mad god” intent on ascending to immortality, while Orin vows to stop him. To do that, Orin will fight across the four realms to retake the throne and overthrow his brother once and for all.

Following the world premiere of the new trailer, we got to see some new gameplay footage, a new Valor Plate named Vertigo, and how Godfall’s equipment and inventory works.

In Godfall, each Valor Plate can be equipped with eight items: two weapons, one charm, an amulet, two rings, one Lifestone, and a Banner. Senior technical producer Dick Heyne at Counterplay Games only went into details for Lifestones and banners, but all items alter a Valor Plates stats and can have powerful effects.

Lifestones are Godfall’s main source of healing and can have additional effects on use, while Banners provide AOE buffs for yourself and your entire squad. Players can swap between the two equipped weapons and also change up their loadout on the fly if they happen to come across something better during gameplay.

A wide-ranging Q&A session with Heyne, Counterplay CEO Keith Lee, and YouTubers Arekkz and My Name Is Byf covered much of Godfall’s mechanics, such as the skill grid, level cap, and end-game, as well as the deep lore that’s scattered throughout Godfall.

For more on that lore, you can check out Byf’s exclusive web series that dives deep into the history of Godfall and its rich universe.

Godfall arrives November 12.

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