Gotham Knights Dev Explains Why Robin Is Tim Drake

In Gotham Knights, Robin is played by Tim Drake, the third person to hold the title of Batman’s sidekick. But why Drake? Why not Stephanie Brown (who was first Spoiler and later becomes Batgirl) or Damian Wayne?

"There were a lot of reasons–from a lot of departments–for Tim," said Gotham Knights narrative director Ann Lemay in an interview with GameSpot. "One of the ones that I specifically can point to is one of the things that we wanted to explore for Tim, [which comes] from the comic books, from his backstory: He crafted his entire identity as Robin [from the idea that] every Batman needs a Robin."

In the books, Drake became Robin after the death of Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker. Todd would later be resurrected to become the violent antihero Red Hood (who is somewhat less violent in Gotham Knights thanks to twin pistols full of rubber bullets), but while Todd was gone, Drake would take up the Robin mantle to keep Batman from slipping too far into grief. Drake perhaps more than any other Robin defined the Batman/Robin relationship, but in Gotham Knights, Batman has disappeared, leaving Drake to team up with the rest of the Knights to save Gotham.

"One of the things we get to explore with [Tim Drake] in this story, both for Tim as Robin and for Tim as Tim is, well, what is a Robin without Batman?" Lemay explained. "And there's a lot of interesting angles to look at there. And we are narrative-based so there's a lot to pull at, [not] only in how he figures that out, but also in how he interacts with the others who are present."

Without getting too far into spoilers, Lemay noted that Robin’s plan might be to become the next Batman rather than spin off as his own superhero like the other Knights.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lemay said that Drake’s bisxeuality would also be addressed in Gotham Knights. "Obviously we can't go in-depth too much in terms of the narrative, but we are absolutely following what the comic books did," Lemay added. "No, it's not going to be main story stuff, but you will see that in there."

Check out Robin’s new trailer to see him use his spring-loaded quarterstaff and teleportation abilities on loan from the Justice League. Gotham Knights hits current-gen consoles and PC on October 25.

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