Gotham Knights: Red Hood Skill Tree Guide

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In Gotham Knights, you have the choice to play as four different heroes, Red Hood, Knightwing, Batgirl, and Robin. You can choose one at the start of the game and take that character as far as you want; you also have the choice to switch between each character and give them all a try.

With this option to switch between characters in mind, it is always a good idea to know which character skills may be better placed for your style of gameplay. You will most likely have a favourite character in mind that you will play most of the game with, but having that option to choose is a great way to diversify gameplay and stop it from getting repetitive. If you are looking to get into playing as Red Hood and you want more info on his Skill Trees, then read on below.

How To Unlock Skills

There are four different skill trees for you to unlock skills in, Marksman, Brawler, Vengeance, and Knighthood. The first three will already be unlocked for you to start getting new skills. However, you will need to unlock the Knighthood skill tree, which is outlined below.

To unlock the different skills in each tree, you will need AP points, these can be gained in a multitude of ways, the main being levelling up characters.

For each level you achieve up to the Max Level of 30, you will get one AP point, then with New Game+, you can get an additional ten levels, up to level 40. As well as leveling, you can also unlock AP through completing certain side activities, such as finding collectibles and completing challenges. The different skills in each tree require a certain amount of AP, up to three

There is no way to reset your skill trees, so make sure you spend your AP wisely.

Red Hood's Skill Trees, Explained

Each skill tree will focus on a different aspect of the hero, some will be for ranged attacks, melee, and momentum abilities. Depending on how you want your character to progress and how best you use the character's abilities will help you decide which skill trees to spec out. For more information on what skills are in each tree and what they do and how much they cost see below.


The Marksman skill tree focuses more on Red Hood's ranged shooting abilities, allowing you to do increased damage and get a better chance at critical hits. If you feel that you are using Red Hood's guns more than his melee, then this is the tree to start on.

SkillDescriptionAP Cost
Perfect EvadeThis performs a perfectly timed evade that can generate Momentum and allows for a perfect attack afterward.1 AP
Critical ExpertiseThis increases your Critical Damage by 20 percent.1 AP
Focused FireYou can aim longer at an enemy, which will deal four times more damage.1 AP
Lucky RoundsEvery round that you shoot has a small chance to deal five times the damage, this is only for Ranged attacks and Precision Aim.2 AP
Precise StrikesIncreases your chance of a Critical Hit by 10 percent.2 AP
Focused Fire +The Aiming time of Focused Fire is decreased by 50 percent.2 AP
Quickfire ExpertThe Critical Chance and Critical Damage of your ranged attack combo are increased by 15 percent.3 AP


The Brawler skill tree is to help enhance your melee abilities, like grabbing enemies and using your concussion mine. So if you are more of an up-close fighter and you want to utilise the strength of Red Hood, look into this Skill tree.

SkillDescriptionAP Cost
Human BombWhen you throw an enemy, you will attach a concussion mine to them, which will detonate when shot.3 AP
Large GrabYou are now able to Grab large enemies.1 AP
Extended Grab WindowYou can now Grab enemies when they are at 50 percent health or lower.1 AP
Human Bomb EnhancedIncreases the damage and the radius of the concussion mine explosion.2 AP
Grip ExpertiseIncreases your damage when performing a Grab move by ten percent.1 AP
Iron GripGrabbing an enemy will prevent you from being interrupted by most attacks.2 AP
Human Bomb MultipliedWhen you detonate the concussion mine, it drops six more concussion mines on the ground.2 AP


This skill tree is more focused on damage buffs on your abilities for melee. This skill tree will be best intertwined with the other abilities as it enhances melee and some ranged attacks, so mixing these in with the others will really help damage output.

SkillDescriptionAP Cost
Coup De GraceYou inflict 10 percent more damage on enemies that's health has dropped to 30 percent or less.1 AP
Freak JusticeIncreases your damage by 15 percent and Critical damage by five percent when you are fighting the Freak faction.1 AP
Regulator JusticeIncreases your damage by 15 percent and Critical damage by five percent when fighting the Regulators.2 AP
Mob JusticeIncreases your damage by 15 percent and Critical damage by five percent when fighting the Mob faction.2 AP
Combined FireYou and your allies inflict increased damage when you focus on a single target. This only applies to ranged attacks and Precision aim.2 AP
Unrestricted FireAfter you use Two-Fisted reload, you can shoot unlimited rounds for a short period of time.2 AP
Double VortexAfter using Two-Fisted reload, you will shoot double the number of rounds for a short period of time.2 AP

How To Unlock Knighthood

This skill tree is the only one you have to unlock – this is not done with AP, though, but through completing three challenges:

  • Preventing ten premeditated crimes around Gotham.
  • Defeating three minibosses.
  • Completing a training session with the dummy in the Belfry.

All the challenges are outlined for you, so you know how you are progressing and what needs to be done. Once you have completed the challenges this unlocks the Skill tree and the first skill for free, which is the Mystical Leap – allowing you to traverse around the map easier.

SkillDescriptionAP Cost
Mystical LeapYou can traverse through the air using spirit platforms.Unlocked when challenges completed
Ranged TerrorEvery shot that knocks out a target inflicts fear on nearby enemies.1 AP
Weak Spot Damage +Increases your headshot damage and weak shot damage by 15 percent.1 AP
Grab DreadWhen you grab an enemy, it will cause fear for nearby enemies.1 AP
Combat MasteryIt increases the number of attacks done in your ranged attack combo and turns the last attack into a knockdown.2 AP
Ducra's TrainingYour Mystical Rounds ability will require 50 percent less time to lock on to enemies.3 AP
Shadow VengeanceYour Mystical Rounds ability will now shoot two rounds instead of one.3 AP

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