Grand Civilization Strategy Game Humankind Launches Gameplay Trailer And Preorders

Publisher SEGA and developer Amplitude Studios recently dropped the Pre-Purchase Gameplay Trailer for their grand strategy civ-building game Humankind, announcing that the game is now available to preorder across multiple platforms. Humankind is also currently one of the games available for play on the Google Stadia OpenDev Beta, and a behind-the-scenes video has been published for Humankind’s reveal trailer ‘Sapiens’ that introduced the game in 2019.

The Humankind Digital Deluxe Edition can be preordered from the official website at a 15% preorder discount for $49.79. This edition includes the base Humankind game, the .mp3 digital OST, a PDF Unit and Tech Tree poster, and the Humankind Notre Dame Pack. It also includes two preorder bonus items: a Boudicca avatar set, and a player profile decoration and symbols set. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Humankind is still on schedule for an April 2021 release.

ICYMI, Humankind is a Sid Meier’s Civilization-styled grand strategy game with many of its own unique elements that set it apart from the famed Civ series. For starters, Humankind allows you to build your own civilization by combining traits from 60 historical cultures. Each culture has its own unique features, and combining a varying number and variety of cultures allows for countless ways to play and replay each game.

You can play the free Humankind demo on Google Stadia right now through the OpenDev Beta. According to the Humankind Stadia page, the demo is available to claim and play from 9 a.m. Pacific on October 21, 2020 until the same time on October 28, 2020. The 90-minute demo will expire from your Stadia Library after the demo period is over.

Shortly after the preorder announcement, the Sapiens Announcement Trailer Making-Of video was published on the Humankind YouTube channel. Recorded pre-COVID-19, the video shows the remarkable makeup and technical artistry that went into making the ‘Sapiens’ Official Announcement Trailer, once again set to the groovy thumping beat of Antoine Duchene’s “Bach To The Future” soundtrack.

If you’re interested in seeing how far you will push Humankind, click over and place your preorder, and play the Humankind demo on Stadia’s OpenDev Beta while it’s available.

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