Greggs Gets Recreated In Far Cry 5, And It’s Eerily Authentic

To the non-Brits among you, I cannot overstate just how important Greggs is to us. This bakery chain is perhaps the only thing unifying a fractured nation. Despite all the division, we’re joined by our love of getting a sausage roll and a coffee for a decent price. Well, apart from that time everyone argued about vegan sausage rolls, I guess.

In a clear labour of love, the iconic sight of a Greggs store has been recreated in Far Cry 5. YouTuber Mojo Swoptops, who has crafted several other iconic British landmarks, uploaded this latest creation today, showing a phenomenal level of detail put into building the virtual Greggs.

In the six-minute video, Mojo Swoptops crafts every aspect of a Greggs store, from the food counter, the sign out front, and the obligatory trash build up on the high street outside. Filled to the brim with food – including mountains of crisps – this virtual Greggs looks near-identical to the real deal, inside and out.

Other British-inspired creations from Mojo Swoptops include a lovely, homely looking pub. Also crafted in Far Cry 5, the pub is complete with the absurd amount of wall art that only pubs can get away with, as well as one of those carpet designs you don’t see anywhere else. And of course, any love letter to the United Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without a block of flats. In another video, Mojo Swoptops recreates the Leith Banana Flats in Edinburgh. The sheer accuracy on display is immense, and will surely make any Brit feel right at home.

Hopefully, Mojo Swoptops will avoid legal trouble with this latest creation, unlike a fellow creator who got a shock this week. Ubisoft recently removed fan-made GoldenEye levels from Far Cry 5, following a copyright complaint from MGM, the company which owns the rights to James Bond. However, this may have been due to the recent change at MGM, as it was recently bought up by Amazon. The creator said they are currently exploring other ways to share the levels online.

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