GTA 3 Reimagined In Fan-Made Unreal Engine 5 Trailer

Grand Theft Auto 3 was remastered last year alongside Vice City and San Andreas, but one fan has put together a trailer to show us what a fully-fledged, Unreal Engine 5 remake could look like.

This video shows everything from a new Claude model to detailed streets with realistic lighting to cars that rival GTA 5's in quality. There are even looks into the subway tunnel, Claude walking along the streets—and looking huge—as well as closer looks at the skyline.

It's not a playable game or demo, but a showcase that glimpses into a what-if? The game is over two decades old now, so it's a significant leap, showing just how far gaming has come with visual fidelity. And bloom. Warning—there's a lot of bloom. You can see the two-minute clip below.

It comes from TeaserPlay, a YouTube channel dedicated to this exact kind of video. They've imagined what Dark Souls 4 could look like in UE5, a Silent Hill remake, and even what The Witcher 4 might look like given that it is being made in Unreal Engine 5.

And if GTA 3 isn't your thing, and you're more of a San Andreas fan, there's even an Unreal Engine 5 concept trailer on the channel that you can check out. "All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ", now in 4k with hyperrealistic lighting and modern visual fidelity.

If you'd rather get your hands on something tangible that you can actually play, the GTA 5 current-gen upgrade is now live, bringing Rockstar's 2013 hit into another decade and another generation. But there was a GTA 6 photo found inside the San Andreas remaster, giving a tiny glimpse at the next game, although it's unclear when we can expect that to finally roll around.

In the meantime, the oldies are back on modern hardware, whether you want to go on a rampage as Claude, don your floral Hawaii shirt in Vice City, or catch the damn train in San Andreas.

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