GTA 5 Online Casino UPDATE: New PS4 and Xbox One Missions and Cars news

Rockstar Games looks set to expand their recently released GTA 5 Online Casino DLC throughout the Summer.

Veterans will already know how this system works, but for those who are new to GTA Online, you can expect to see more content over the coming weeks.

Rockstar Games likes to drip-feed content from their latest DLC expansion, keeping things fresh for console and PC gamers.

This will mean new cars to buy and game modes and missions to enjoy in 2019.

Dataminers have already worked out what might be coming next in August and September, and it looks like plenty of new vehicles to snap up.

The problem is we can’t predict exactly when this new content will go live in the game.

Grand Theft Auto gamers should see both new vehicles and game modes released over the coming weeks.

These are already in the game as part of the Casino expansion, meaning you probably won’t need to download them.

Most of these new vehicles will cost a lot of in-game cash to buy and will have random release dates, based on how Rockstar Games wants them to drop.

This includes cars like the Vysser Neo, Progen Emerus, Ocelot Locust, Benefactor Krieger, Ocelot Jugular, Pegassi Zorrusso, and the Western Rampant Rocket.

It should be noted that some of these may appear in-game after this article has been released.

And like most GTA Online updates, there will also be new game modes included alongside the vehicles and items. So far, we know of one or two new missions and modes that fans will be able to explore.

This includes a new Survival Creator mode from Rockstar Games, which will allow fans to create their own scenarios.

There have also been references to a new Alien Survival Mode, perhaps like the mission featured in the GTA 5 story mission.

And there also appears to be a new Arena King Of The Hill event being worked on by Rockstar Games for all platforms.

However, it should be noted that at this time, none of this new content has a release date set for PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

Rockstar Games will start to announce their latest content in newswire posts over the coming weeks. And this should contain new information on whatever is being added to GTA Online that week.

This could start happening as soon as July 30, although it will be up to the development team on how they plan to share this content.

Rockstar Games has also announced that new rewards for being a member of the Diamond Casino will be added to the game throughout 2019.

This starts with things like Silver Status members who helped Tao Cheng protect The Diamond from a corrupt family of Texan magnates completing the second co-operative mission, “House Keeping”, to be upgraded to Gold Status.

This unlocks an exclusive livery for the new Truffade Thrax plus a Truffade Tee to match. Here’s more from Rockstar, who confirmed earlier this week: “Platinum Status membership is a title that’s earned through dirty work.

“Complete 5 Casino Work Missions for head of operations Agatha Baker (and pick up a tidy sum of GTA$ and Chips along the way) to receive the Lucky 7s Tattoo and the Casino Store’s special accessory, the Kronos Ära Watch (including all variations), a truly luxe timepiece.

“After completing the first co-operative mission, simply call Ms. Baker to pick up work around the city.

“Diamond Status is reserved for all Platinum members who go the long haul. Complete all co-operative missions to earn exclusive liveries. Platinum members who host the missions will receive an exclusive livery for a highly coveted brand-new vehicle.

“Platinum members who participate in a host’s missions will receive an exclusive livery for the new Annis S80RR supercar. Work together to host and participate in the complete mission strand to unlock both.”

These new GTA 5 Online updates and Diamond Program rewards will start to be granted in the second week of August 2019.

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